Older bride dress options: Peebles June 2019

Hi there - your opinions please and a little advice. I am in my 60's. I plan on wearing a tea length dress for our wedding. Stumped on the colour and design however.  Suggestions? We are from Australia and are worried that in Scotland in June -  it will be cold. Advice as to how to plan for this - around wedding wardrobe. Thanks a million!!


  • I'm a short girl and not a fan of the tea length gown. They hit me just so on the leg that make me look about as tall as a gnome. Have you tried any tea length styles on? The surest way to know is to actually try dresses on.  And don't think that your age precludes you from wearing either a full length dress or a shorter dress.  Choose a style that flatters you, not one that you think is "age appropriate." You'll also get a sense of what shades of white or pastel flatter your skintone and which don't. Some shades of white look shockingly bad against some skintones.
    As to weather, you can do a Google search to see what is typical during the time of year you plan to marry. From there, I would just plan on buying a wrap that suits my dress, if poor weather is typical. There are beautiful fur, faux fur, wool, velvet, leather, pashmina, and feather options out there.  A wrap, stole, cardigan, or jacket is also a great way to add a pop of colour.  (One of my fav Pinterest pics is of a bride in a bright yellow cardigan with a bouquet of sunflowers.)  And of course, there are loads of pretty white or clear brolly options as well!
  • Firstly - wear whatever you want. I agree with the above poster with wearing whatever you feel most comfortable in and what flatters you. Best thing to do if you are not sure of styles is to just get out there and start trying them on. For ideas you can type in “tea length wedding dress” into Pinterest or google. Also look through some wedding designers catalogues online and save pictures of the styles you like - they may not be in budget or the exact look but it’s a good start you can then take to a bridal store who will have the knowledge of where that perfect dress may be hiding!

    Secondly being from Australia I’m going to take a good guess and say you will find the weather cold here in Scotland whatever time of year. In June, summer is just gearing up with average temperatures about 15 degrees celsius. I’m a June baby so know the weather well in June! Being in Peebles near the border and being inland it will probably be even warmer. However this is Scotland after all and it’s famous for having multiple weather conditions in 1 day! June, July and August are Scotland’s warmest months so a shorter dress is completely fine - you won’t freeze to death. A short cropped jacket, shawl or scarf in lighter fabrics would be handy to have around to keep any wind chill off you and would actually make for great photography if there is a bit of wind! In my opinion a larger/longer jacket made of heavier fabrics or faux fur shawls would look out of place at a summer wedding. 

    Good luck :-)
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