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We we are getting married on 1st November in the west end of Glasgow and are looking for a minister to marry us. We don’t go to church regularly, and my partner isn’t religious but my family are and it’s important to me to have a religious ceremony so we are compromising. (That’s what it’s all about!) Could anyone give us any advice.

thanks so much 


  • ArriettyArrietty Posts: 21 New bride
    I found a lady online who I'm considering hiring for our wedding, who does various types of ceremonies. I'm the same as you - my partner isn't religious, but I'd quite like Pagan aspects in the ceremony such as the Handfasting, jumping the broom etc.  Maybe give her a try?
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,942 New bride
    I would have thought narrow down an area and contact some churches. That's what I did when I wanted my son christened, as the vicar at our family church wouldn't christen my son unless my fiancé got christened, which he won't do. Just contacted a few churches and found a vicar who was happy to do it.
  • Hi Lilor 7,

    Try Pastor Marshall Cross at Redemption Church in Wishaw. He's great and willing to travel.

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