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Wedding Dress donation help

hi all, i got married last year in June and i really want to give my dress to a bride that can maybe not afford to buy her own.  i don't want to give it to charity shop that will then charge a bride i want to see someone get a wear out of it and feel as amazing as i felt,  rather than have it stored away in a box. its a really beautiful princess dress, small size 8 that i bought in Susan Gregorys in Edinburgh when it was open. Does anyone have any idea how i should go about this? i don't want to use gumtree as there are a lot of time wasters on it that will just take something and sell it on.  Thanks!


  • I don't know about in the UK, but stateside there are various charities that collect them for members of the armed forces and first responders.  Maybe there is something similar in the UK.

    I know there are many organisations that accept them and then sew them into christening gowns (or burial gowns for deceased babies, "Angel Gowns" as they call them) but the last time I looked, nearly none of them were accepting donations.

    There are other wedding dress related charities I have heard of as well.  One is a shop started by a former sex-traffic victim that resells gowns and donates all of the profits towards anti-sex-trafficking work and victim support.  Another organisation collects the dresses for terminally ill brides.

    If you google around and check on other forums, you will probably find a charity that will suit you.  I donated my previous gown to a local animal shelter that did an annual auction to raise funds.
  • This isn't for wedding dresses, but there is a charity that you can donate prom dresses too for girls that are unable to afford a dress for their prom. Perhaps it would work? I'll pop the link down anyway x
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    I know you said you didn't want to give to a charity shop and I don't know where your based... but in Cardiff there is a charity shop called Pritchard and Moore that sells wedding dresses at a very reasonable price and the money goes towards cancer research.  Maybe there is something similar near to you?
  • Thanks Ladies. I'm based in Edinburgh and definitely don't want to give it to a charity on this occasion . i did look in to the option of "angel gowns" but they appear to be full up.  i think it would be nice to know the girl who takes it from me and make it personal able if that makes sense.  x 
  • Maybe its worth putting details out on local facebook pages? or asking businesses if they know of anyone in a position where they might really appreciate it? Might take a bit of digging but could be worth it. Alternatively you could always ask local hospitals or hospices if anyone there is planning a wedding at short notice, im sure it would be a dream for a bride in that position. 
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    Try posting in the EGG (Edinburgh Gossip Girls) Facebook group. There's over 14,000 female members with questions being raised and answered all the time. I'm confident someone there will be able to help.
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