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I was looking for some help. I am looking for a venue that has accommodation on site for 45 people. Ideally a big country house that has a marquee could be put up for the reception for about 150 people. There are many options for this in the North of Scotland (Logie country house and Ormide house for example). However, as there will be guests only arriving for the reception and not staying it has to be more local to Lanarkshire. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 




  • Not sure if this is your area, but my venue Fingask Castle in Perthshire, had accommodation for that many in cottages and also a permanent marquee pavilion.  
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    I'll have a look. Thank you! :) 
  • Please do!  It’s exclusive use, we booked the entire estate for about £5.5K for a summer midweek, arriving Monday leaving Friday with accommodation for about 40.  They have since added extra accommodation.

    This price included the pavilion and the castle for the wedding day events (£2.4K) and the bridal suite for getting ready and the wedding night (£600) plus all the cottages (7 at £2.5K) for 4 nights including a cute studio on the lake with it’s own sauna and a large lake house with bbq in the back.  I’m pretty sure your guests can book their cottages direct with Fingask as well.  It was fab as we had the run of the whole estate.  Some people stayed for the full 4 nights, we had bbqs, swam in the cold pool, walked in the woods and watched the stars and the sunrises.  

    The pavilion easily fits 200+  You chose a caterer from a list (everything from high end fancy to hog roast) and Fingask run the bar.  It’s one of these places that you have to view in person to truely appreciate the beauty of the place.  I have a wedding report on my discussions if you wanted a nosey. 

    Please ask away if you have any questions.  
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