Hi there,
I'm getting married in October and can't afford a photographer, as in genuinely can't afford one. 

Anyone got any tips for how family members can achieve the best photographs on the day.

I've read through some of the other posts, so please please please, don't tell me not to do it this way and to hire someone as I simply have no choice but to have family members do it for me.

Thanks in advance for any tips


  • Laura GraceLaura Grace Posts: 334 New bride
    It's a tough one because you either need to get a few people to take as many photographs as they can, or appoint one person to do it, but they then won't be able to enjoy the day as much with the additional responsibility.  
    If you can find one person that is eager to help, get them to youtube as much as they can regarding optimum lighting etc as this will make the biggest difference to your photographs looking good.  
    A digital camera is better than most phones as they have bigger sensors (meaning they will have a higher file size and more possibilities for editing, as well as looking better when printed, but Huwawei and the new iPhones do look really good (though I haven't seen them printed).  Talk to them in advance and make sure they know exactly what photos you want to have (give them a list if you can).  Get them to take lots of photos, especially if you have groups to make sure everyone's eyes are open.

    Possibly your best bet though would be to look for someone starting out and looking to build a portfolio that might be willing to do it for free.  When I first started out I came across a lady on here that was looking for a freebie photographer, it worked for us both.  I've seen a similar post here within the last month or so, so it may be worth having a look through.  Have a look on local facebook wedding groups, gumtree or even local colleges.  Yes it's a risk, but at least it will be someone that actually wants to do it, rather than a family member that feels obliged.
  • Thanks so much Laura Grace, I'll definitely follow your advice... :)
  • You could maybe buy a big bag of disposable cameras and hand them out to guests? I've had friends who've done that, and it's always a really sweet way to get some photography, and always catches different perspectives and moments. 
    There's also these guys who do wedding photography for about £99 if you could spare that much
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