DIY Reception Venue in Perthshire

Hi all, bride to be close to a breakdown over finding a venue here! 
My fiance and I are pretty set on having our ceremony at The Hermitage, just outside of Dunkeld in Perthshire, as we both love and work in the outdoors and have a lot of special memories at The Hermitage. However, we need a separate reception venue nearby.
We'll have a lot of friends coming from abroad so our hope is to rent a house for 4-5 days where we can spend time with all of our friends under one roof and we can also host the reception. Ideally we want somewhere DIY that we can decorate and cater ourselves. We found one house called Eastwood in Dunkeld which is PERFECT and I have fallen head over heels in love with it BUT they have a 30 guest limit and our guest list is looking more like 50. 
I've been searching for hours and have sent off a million emails but no joy so far. I would be so grateful for any advice or input from anyone who has had a similar style of reception or looked at DIY/ self- catering venues in the Dunkeld or wider Perthshire area!
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