For those that have been married before...

... do you feel scared about doing it again or do you have complete trust in your partner? I wonder about my H2B, I think if I had been divorced I would be reluctant to wed again in risk of becoming Ross from Friends!

He trusts me and says he believes we will never divorce but be together forever. I agree completely and don't think anybody would get married if they thought it was destined to fail (unless you were a golddigger!)

I'm just curious as to how you regain that trust in love and human nature.


  • This will be my second marriage and h2b's first, although he did cancel one about a year before we met with only 6 weeks to go as he realised he didn't love his ex.

    To be honest, the whole trust element hasn't come into question for either of us. With my first marriage it was very rushed and I was only 23, which I know is plenty old enough for some people to know what they want, but for me whilst the marriage didn't feel "right" I was too afraid to back out.

    I feel totally different second time around, rather than being embarrassed as I was first time, I am a very excited bride to be and we are planning a big celebration.

    H2B summed it up once when he said "you had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to appreciate whats on top!" Maybe not very poetic, but very true!
  • I swore I would never marry again....but the minute I met hubby........I changed my mind. I had terrible nerves about it, I think because in my first marrige I felt trapped - I then became very independent and was not willing to give it up....but this time, i still have my independence. As for trust, that's an individual thing you have for one person. We have both been married before, and we certainly haven't got married thinking its all going to be roses. My hubby said it all to me on our honeymoon, "I know I've got it right this time" image
  • Hi Girls!

    Same here, Mandy, both of us have been married before and swore we'd never do it again and have been living together for 16 years! H2b proposed out of the blue on his birthday, seems he'd been planning it for the best part of a year and was planning to propose on holiday but then then that whole fiasco happened where you had to put all your hand luggage in a see through plastic bag and he was too worried about his case going astray to hide the ring in there so he had to bring it forward a few days! I asked him why he wanted to marry me after all this time and he just said he wanted to tell the world how much he loved me and give me the dream wedding I never had....bless!.....before I was too wrinkly to wear a bridal gown....grrr!

    Chris x
  • Awww Chris - that sounds wonderful, and after 16 years! When is the wedding?
  • Hi Mandy,

    It's September 15th next year. Feels like ages off but I'm sure once Christmas is over it will fly by. When did you get married? Any tips for the rest of us?

    Chris x
  • It WILL fly by - trust me, I got married Sept 23....seems like ages ago, wish I could do it all again. As for tips, everyone is different but I suppose mostly I would say - is to relax, take it all in, enjoy every minute of the planning, the build up, the day, and the aflterglow!! image
  • I was married 20 yrs first time around and my h2b 13 yrs it is so different this time around and we are so looking forward to it!!
  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    I have been married before - but this time I am more excited about it -I feel in crontrol of the arrangement where as last time his (ex's) mother took over and told me what I had to have and couldn't have.

    I am taking it all in this time and really enjoying the arrangement making.



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