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Starting Over...and Getting it Right

Hi all,

Since starting again (getting married next year!!) I've been thinking a lot about how to really make this one work out, I've come up with an idea for a business to help couples have a really fantistic marriage (for anyone - not just second timers).

Anyway I'd love to know what you think of it and I've set up a survey - I am offering a prize draw for a Magnum of Champagne to everyone who completes it as an incentive (great start to the Hen night!). It will take no more than 5 minutes (promise);

Please be assured there is NO advertising involved here it is simply my way of finding out if this thing is worth pursuing. Your H2B and and mum/dad/in laws all welcome to do the survey too so feel free to send the link on.

Thanks for your time.



  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159
    Hi Steph

    I answered your survey.

    I think what my problem was I was too trusting.

    Now with this time around I set ground rules right from the start that we are completely honest with each other and that there is no bottling things up as I am sure this is what happened the first time around.

    I am lucky with my hubby to be, we click and can read each other like a book. He senses when I am upset and I sense when he is upset or worried about anything.

    We certainly know what in sickness and in health means and I try and give him a break from all of it so he has his own life too.

    Its good to do things together but there are times you both need me time.

    Its a work life, relationship life balance.

    Hope this helps.

  • Steph39ukSteph39uk Posts: 9
    Yep - couldnt agree more FeeFee ,which is why I like this idea of sitting down and agreeing what you want together and what you each want (me time!) - we did it about a six months ago and I have to say its been brilliant, we have both acheived more personsally and together - result = one very happy relationship!

  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159
    Hi Steph

    I wish my relationship wasn't haunted by illness, it is and I have to deal with it.

    I feel so guilty about it all and that causes problems. We talk about it and are getting help and support from outside sources but it is never quick enough for me. I want everything to happen yesterday.

    On the whole if you ask my hubby to be what he feels about the relationship he says he loves me, adores me and wouldn't be without me. That means a lot to me far more than most people.

    I think on the whole we have a wonderful relationship despite the ups and downs but every couple has ups and downs and it makes you grow closer.

    I am so lucky to have found my soulmate.

    Best wishes to you Steph.

  • I think there is an age bracket misisng on the first question?

  • denmodenmo Posts: 65
    It's great to have a second chance and I want to take advantage of it. I am older and wiser and when something happens that in my first marriage I would have 'blown my top', I now step back, breathe and think to myself that it is definitely not worth getting in an argument over and that it is really not that important!!
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