is anyone else renewing wedding vows

heya all

just wanted to know if there was anyone else out there renewing their wedding vows

and if so are you going all out or just having a quiet do

i am renewing my vows on my 10th anniversary may 2009 and we are treating this as if its our original wedding as our first was a quiet do i got the big white dress this time and i cant wait

let me know your stories please

leitia xx

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  • Hi Leitia...

    I noticed that you've had a few hits on your thread but no one leaving a 'story'...sorry I'm a second timer....but I wanted to say CONGRATS!!! because I think we all hope to be there in ... well....10 years!

    Enjoy you special day... cause the way I look at it.. after you've been married, and you want to do it again, with the same've got a keeper!

    Best wishes ...XXX Teresa
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    Hi Leitia.

    Me and my hubby Tom renewed our vows and had a blessing last november,in a local church.

    We had the works this time,something we never had when we got married in 2002.

    Our photos are on the web if you would like to view them.

    I wish i could do it all again,it was hard work but worth it.

    Good luck with yours.

    All the best jayne.x :\)
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    Hi Letita,

    I too am hoping to renew our vows on our 10th anniversary next year. It would be great to swap ideas as I don't know what to do really. Our first wedding was ok but not what I really wanted and I don't look back and think Wow that was fantastic etc. So I'm wondering whether to have the full hit or not or maybe a small version!! I would love to have a beautiful dress etc and involve my miracle son.

    What kind of venue are you planning on having?

    If there is anyone else out there who can assist us with our questions that would be great.

    CONGRATULATIONS anyway Letita and I hope you have the day of your dreams.


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    Hi, my nubby and I are renewing our vows in Oct this year, i'm more stressed this time round than i was the first time. It will be our 7th Anniversary and we have decided to go the whole hog and have hired a hotel and i am having the full dress and doing the whole thing bigger and better this time round, however i was disappointed to have had to purchase my dress from the us, as i couldn't find anyone in the uk who could supply me with the dress i wanted and in the colour i wanted (SCARLET RED i can't wait to see peoples faces).

    I don't think it matters and it's down to the couple as to how big or small you go, to be honest my hubby's left all the planning to me so i get to have everything i want and theres no arguments.

    I think it's great that more and more people are doing this. Good luck.


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    Wow that sounds fantastic Vicky. Are you doing the whole thing, cake floweres photographer etc and how many people are you inviting? I'm just in a real dilema, I was looking at dresses yesterday and couldn't decide what to go for there are so many beautiful ones out there at the moment and I'm wondering whether people will think I'm daft given that I'm in late 30's!!!

    At the end of the day we just want to celebrate getting to 10yrs (which is good these days I think) and I would love some good photos done, have always been disappointed with the original lot, but at the same time don't want to be spending a fortune if you know what I mean.

    I gues I'm just trying to get an idea of what other people do, what do you think?

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    Yes Annie, We're going the whole hog. Everything is with a red (Scarlet) and black theme. I'm wearing a red dress in the day and a red/black dress for the evening reception. My step daughter is being a sort of bridesmaid and she's in black only and my hubbie and sons are both in black with red waistcoats. I've opted for my six year old son to walk me in the room rather then my dad this time with the eldest being a sort of usher /bestman combined. We've booked the wedding cars and cake. We have approx 50 guests for the ceremony and a small buffet in the bar of the hotel during the day then a additional 60 guests for the evening reception!!!

    The only thing we can't decide on is whether to have a photographer or video guy. We're more likely to watch the DVD of the day than look at photo's but my husband complained at how cheesy all the sample dvd's are so i don't know what to do for the best?????

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    Do you have any more plans yet Annie?

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    With regards to age i don't think it matters what dress you wear as long as you feel comfortable. I'm 31 myself and i went for the big skirt, and a friend of mine is 35 and marrying next year and she's also gone for a deep red dress and she's also gone for the full skirt. So who cares you only do it once..............

    Sorry twice in our case lol
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    Well your story has really helped, thanks for that Vicky. The dress sounds amazing and I love the theme, the thought of your son walking you down the aisle it lovely exactly what I have planned for my little one, it's important he is part of it and I want him to see how committed Mummy and Daddy are...yeah get the tissues out!!

    As for plans, they are in my head at the moment nothing booked and I think I will be like you more stressed as I have an idea of what I would like.

    I would like a church blessing but the one I have in mind is big and we may look a bit lost in it.

    Reception, yes got that one sorted a lovely place we go to a lot and really like.

    I think everyone should do this at least once or twice or....I've certainly put more thought into it and who I want next to us, it is so easy to get swept away in the occassion and loose the important people in the milea (oops spelling!) of it all.

    And yes you are right, who cares this is for us as a family so me thinks it may be a mini hog!!! And further to that you only live once so we should celebrate every moment you don't know what's around the corner, it's too short.

    What have you done about invitations and how have you worded them?


    P.s Can't wait to see your dress!!!

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    me too i just got the email to say it'll be in at the end of May but it's on it's on page 3 and the name of valentina if you fancy a peek. I really struggled with the invitations as no one seems to do them for a wedding renewal so my sister told me about a site called they do all sorts and you can change the wording to suit what ever you want i just chose an item from the wedding selection, they come as a postcard.

    With regards to my son god bless him it was him that gave us the idea i fell pregnant with him the first time round so we had to bring everything forwarded by two months (didn't want to be big on my wedding day) and he went through a faze of watching our wedding video and getting upset because his brother and sister where there but not him so we thought we'd renew our vows sooner rather than later. (we'd initially intended to do it after 10/15years). It also helped that hubbie wanted to spend a small fortune on his motorbike lol.

    I hope you keep me informed as you make more progress the time seems to go so quick i don't know where the time has gone!!!


    ps sorry for the long post.
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    Long post is fine, it is so nice talking girlie wedding stuff with someone else who is doing the same thing, I didn't really have all this first time round so swapping ideas is GREAT!

    My son was the same when we showed him original pictures he kept asking why he wasn't there and that he wanted to be there and got quite upset, so it is going to be lovely having him involved.

    I took a peek at your dress OMG it is fab, there are going to be some gasps when you make your entrance really stunning no wonder you can't wait, you've got me thinking about colour now!!

    Also looked at the site for invites, am I right in thinking you may be going for one to match your dress?! Good site tho, I have read a few posts about 'save that date cards', what's that all about?

    Are you having a celebrant to the hotel to conduct the ceremony? What I thought might be a small do I can see getting bigger...starting to think about budget now and I must think about booking a venue.

    Yes it will good to keep in touch, your day will be here before you know it.


    P.s This site is getting quite addictive!!!
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    Tell me about it i signed up thinking there'd be no one on here in the same boat and then i manged to find this message so yay for us i don't feel quite so alone now.

    I've booked a celebrant from the local registery office he seems really nice and we were having a giggle on the phone so at least he isn't a stiff collar type which we didn't want.

    The invites i went for was a black border with a red centre and two hearts to go with the theme.

    The save the date cards i think are for when you get married in busy times like the school holidays to make sure that the main people you want at the wedding are aware of your date and time etc so hopefully they don't book holidays etc at that time. But i don't see the point personally as surely close friends and family will know this information anyway????? but each to thier own.

    Having a coloured dress is great and if you didn't fancy red a lot of places are doing prom dresses in all sorts of colours and they don't look any different to wedding dresses to me.

    I know exactly what you mean with regards to the qty of people, we're having more people this time round than the first time, but i don't mind.


    ps we finally booked a vigeographer rather than a photographer they'll be plenty of people there with cameras so we thought we'd blow the budget on the video. We're also putting disposable cameras on the table so hopefully no naughy photo's
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    It looks like you and I keeping this thread going, they should have a forum just for 'Vow renewal' couples.

    Yes I had similar thoughts about the invitation card stuff, seems a bit of waste of money and those who we want to come can be told well in advance with a simple tastful invitation.

    Well I have been busy this morning, I have phoned round several venues to get details just to compare, I have found a harpist who is going to send details too and I have even been looking at chair covers of all things!...see I said it would get out of hand, but then it is all in the detail, hubby will have a fit!!! It's fun just getting ideas tho...

    Glad you have booked your videographer are they doing the whole day for you? Good idea having cameras on the table, just be careful your not caught scatching your bum or something...then again I think that could be difficult in your gown!

    Are you having entertainment in the evening?

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    I've got to be honest i was surprised at the lack of support and sites on the interenet for people renewing thier vows, i would of thought there'd have been alot more particularly as it's getting more and more popular, we'll have to start our own lol!!!

    A harpist that sounds fancy, i really like that, will that be for during the ceremony or as part of your afternoon/evening entertainment (a bit too fancy for my lot lol my husband is an ex bouncer and motorbiker luckily just the bald headed scary kind lol), I know what you mean about the chair covers i went to a wedding fayre recently and took the hubby and thier was a lady doing the table settings etc there and it worked out at £16.00 per head and as we're inviting 100 people i thought it better to spend the money elsewhere and as we're not having a sit down meal as such (just two beffets) i just thought i'd pay someone to decorate the room with balloons and flowers.

    The video guy i've booked is going to just do the ceremony and about one hour of the evening do to cover our first dance (we didn't do this last time), i wanted everyone to enjoy themselves so i didn't want them to feel like they have to behave!!!

    We have opted to go for the dj that the hotel uses as this way he's already aware of the set-up that the hotel has. I'm also doing party bags for any kiddies coming so they have things to do, so the days not to long for them.

    To be honest i think you can get that carried away you have to reign yourself in sometimes.

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    Me too, I looked for ages to find like minded people there just didn't seem to be anything and even when I came on here I was tentative to what the reaction would be, they really should have a seperate forum as like you say it is becoming more popular, seems more meaningful too this time. So I guess you and I shall have to fly the flag for now!!!

    Harpist has got back to me, she sounds lovely as does her music so I think that will be a booking. Intending for her to play for the ceremony, drinks reception and part of meal. My bit of decadence for the day!

    Our numbers aren't quite as big as yours, yet! but I would like a meal then buffet in the evening with DJ and just party will have to see how the old budget goes though.

    The site I found for the chair covers charged 3.50 each I can do the table decorations myself, they do look nice and I would only have them for the meal so not too many, mmmm have to think about it.

    Are you having new rings?


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    well your harpist sounds great the best i could get was to only have one song playing at the ceremony by evenesence, my hubbie loves there music and wanted me walking into thier my immortal song, don't get me wrong its a great song but its so depressing i'd make everyone depressed. So we decided to settle on it being the song we leave the room to so i'm gonna do a sprint out of the room before it gets too rocky!!!!!!

    With regards to our rings we will be changing them we opted for a celtic design last time and we never really liked them so we're going for a standard wedding band this time. Have you given this much thought yet?

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    Hi Vicky,

    Sorry not been around, it has been really busy around here lots of birthdays, work etc.

    Anyway in the midst of all that I have been doing a bit more planning, we thought we had decided on the venue but have since found another which is stunning so we are intending to go and have a look. Harpist booked, she sent a CD and it is lovely. Your music sounds fab, can't say I have heard of evensence but impactive by your description!! May have found a dress!! I went back to the place I had my first dress from and explained our plans she then showed me a new collection they are expecting and they are perfect for what I am looking for so I got really excited, will let you know when they come in I will have to find the designers websit, this said I'm tempted by a couple of elegant bridal looks I've seen, this is a nightmare!!! I saw a brief snippet of a wedding prog the other day as I was channel hopping and the bride was trying on a scarlet gown, it was amazing and I instantly thought of you..

    Also been getting some ideas for flowers, what are you doing? Hubby doesn't want a new ring (very senitmental, arhhh!!) I would like a new one though, typical girlie hey.

    I would like a photographer as I have NEVER been happy with my first photo's and I love the contempory work that they do now, couldn't believe how expensive they have gone though so I am hoping I can find someone reasonable and give me what I want, so I'm emailing loads at the moment.

    Numbers are rising too!!! I knew they would, still very small for the day but evening is growing by the day...

    Well I guess that's me for now, the weeks are going so quick...

    Look forward to chatting soon.

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    hi Ann nice to hear from you, i've finally booked my videographer at half the price of the photographers were asking so i feel quite smug. i sometimes think the men are more sentimental than us they just don't like anyone else to know lol. sadly evenesence are a bit of a gothic rock band from america so it's not your normal wedding music bless him but it was his only request so i thought i'd let him have that one. i can just imagine the looks on the guests faces once it starts. great news that you may have found a dress as soon as you have the website let me know so i can have a peek. Flowers i'm not too sure of i'm having black tealights on the tables with glass holders and i was thinking of flowers arrangements on the table but i don't like roses so i don't know what else to have, i don't know much on flowers, i quite like carnations etc but they seem a bit petrol garage for a wedding what do you think??? are you going to have a bouqeut / button holes i'm not too sure on this one!!! i'm also having the dilema of what to arrive in (i'm gettin to the point of saying i'll drive myself lol). i don't fancy an old fashioned car as i had this last time and a limo wouldn't fit in the car park, do you have any ideas yet that your considering????? Vicky
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    i don't know if you have sky but they have a channel dedicated to weddings and they have a program called wedding breakfasts and they have brides and grooms on thier doing what they call marryoake it's really funny i suggested it to hubby but he wasn't amused. you can check them out on too. it's good for a laugh
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    Hi ladies

    I am coming late to this thread but I thought I would post anyway! My hubby and I are renewing our vows in the MGM Grand hotel in Vegas in 2009. We got married at a very stressful and sad time in our lives and we can't look back on it as a happy time at all. We are planning to renew our vows just the two of us and we are going to class that date as our wedding anniversary. I know it probably doesn't make much sense to someone outside looking in - but to us it makes perfect sense! image I even have a new engagment ring and we will both exchange new wedding rings too.
  • vickymukvickymuk Posts: 53
    Hi Shelley, Sorry for the late response i've been on my hols and only just got chance to read you message. Well it's great news and i hope you keep us informed on your progress. I've found i'm having more fun this time round !!!!!!!!
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    wow cant believe how many couples are renewing their vows i dont know any one who has done hubby and me are renewing our vows on may 10 2008 we got married in florida just us and kids and my mum and stepfather.we got married in courthouse as the gazebo by a lake we had planned on using was in a bad way had weeds everywhere not like lovely photo the hotel emailed us but any way having church ,big dress, bridesmaids, photographer the lot.

    shelley- wow las vegas that sounds amazing how romantic . hoping to get few tips from site want to do it as close to a wedding that we can . clare
  • congratulations to all, me an hubby r renewing r vows an avin r rings blessed in apr 09 after 23 yrs only this time round r children an grandchildren will be part of our service.2 daughters bridesmaids, eldest son will take role of my late father, young son(8yrs) will carry the ring cushion and young grandaughters will be flowers girls. Wil b a true family occassion. Also avin a bishop to perform ceremony at venue.
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    hi , we are eloping to get married in jamaica on 16th sept & will be having a blessing when we get back for family & friends. its grat because i get to wear my dress twice, get two cakes ect. We are having a steelpan band, carribean food and reggae disco....real carribean themed event. let you know how it goes...any idea`s you got be sure to let me know. thanks lorri.
  • oh oh oh fabby reading, as I really want to celebrate 10 years of marriage with my husband on our 10th anniversary in 2009 and am trying to decide what to do!

    Big party here, intimate ceremony abroad, big dress or not, flowers or not, etc etc etc, ARGH!

    I love weddings, I am a wedding photographer and like others have said on this thread, getting to 10 years these days is no mean feat so I really feel it should be celebrated.

    I do want the big dress, and obviously great photos, but just don't know what to do.

    In effect, we have already had a vow renewal!! We married in August 1999 and just 5 days after the wedding, my brand new FIL died suddenly and we had to return home from our Italian honeymoon. SO when we had a 2nd honeymoon in October 2000, I decided it would be nice to have a vow renewal too, make it more "honeymoonish" and it was also in honour of his dad, as the money we got from H's dad paid for the Caribbean honeymoon/vow renewal.

    We had a fab wedding in a georgian house hotel with the dress, flowers, short veil, photos the lot.

    Ideally, I would love to go to California, wear a big coloured dress with a long veil, with immediate family around, with my favourite californian photographer taking amazing shots, at a great venue in the sun, and a meaningful ceremony for my husband and I. All this unlikely, due to expense and family getting over to California, so if we are going to go for it, it will more than likely be somewhere here in Scotland. I really want family around, we are in our 30's, the next biggie anniversary is our 25th, goodness knows if our families will be around by that time, so I really want them to be part of our 10th.

    Loving reading other people doing the same thing!
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    well ladies my big day is now only 45days away and i'm starting to get very nervous. i think everyhing is finally sorted but i always seem to find extra finishing touches that need doing. it's nice to see so many ladies in this forum in the same situation and i wish you luck in your future plans
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    I havent been on here for ages, firstly problems with my pc then I couldn't log on and so have had to re register, what a pain!

    Anyway it is so good to see some other people have joined us.

    VICKY I have been thinking about you and how you are going...I know your big day is any day now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know how it all goes and a photo!!! Just want to wish you lots of luck and happiness for the day, I'm sure you will look amazing in THE dress!

    My plans are still all over the place nothing seems to be taking shape at the moment plus I keep changing my mind as to what I would like, and as for a dress, nightmare...

    Just a quick note for now, I hope to hear from more of you renewing your vows, it is very special what ever time of your marriage you do it.

    Once again GOOD LUCK VICKY.

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    very late joinning this thread but i am renewing vowes on 18/09/2010

    that will be hubbies 40th birthday and we will have been married for 18 years.

    only got a small cheap wedding first time cost approx £200

    so going for full on wedding this time

  • Well Hi Ladies and especially Miss P06, yes it all happened last Sunday it was better then the first time. We had the added stress that our dog was caught and ended up in labour on the day, luckily she was at the vets. Mom and 7 puppies are now doing well

    Well here it goes we went the whole hog at our local hotel we stayed the nite before and then i returned home with the kids and my sisters to get ready, which was utter bedlam, 5 women trying to get ready in one house lol.

    We had a limo to the hotel which my son really enjoyed with the flashing disco lights and of course a bottle of champagne to help the nerves. my poor hubby was very nervous so he was a bit tipsy when i got there (he's normally teetotal) so i thought that was quite cute, luckily the registrar was a lovely lady really kind and she made sure that he was ok and kept talking to him to take his mind of the whole thing.

    My whole day had a red and black theme and all of the guests very kindly kept to the theme with their clothes which really made the day feel ten times better. The service itself was really lovely and not as formal the first time round, we were able to put our own input into the service without having too many hearts and flowery speeches as this isn't either me or hubby. I did try and get him to promise he was going to buy me another pony but the registrar vito'd this idea. DAMN.

    After this service we had drinks and sandwiches in the bar while the hotel changed the room around and of course all of the family photo's were taken. We didn't have a full photographer just a video guy but luckily i think everyone who had an invite had brought their own so we have loads of photo's.

  • The evening repection started about 6.00pm and the room looked brilliant we had red gebera's in fish bowls on the tables and red and black ballons scattered around the room. we opted to have a single table just for the kiddies which we placed colouring books etc and a large black couldron filled with chocolate which went down a treat they also had lucky bags dependent on their ages which helped to stop them getting bored and was a bit of a god send at times lol. We had a brilliant chocolate three tier cake which must of been about 1000calories each tier but so worth it. I can worry about my hips later lol.
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