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It's done. Finally.

Just heard today from h2b that his decree absolute was pronounced by the courts on September 2nd!! I am OVER THE MOON!!

I can finally breathe a massive sigh of relief and concentrate all my efforts on our upcoming big day!!

Just thought I'd share with you all!!!!.

Have lovely evenings everyone!




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  • Hi Hun

    we got engaged the day my h2bs decree absolute came through - its a nice feeling isnt it :\)

    congratulations xxx
  • :\?

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  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Did you meet your partners whilst they were still actively married to their other partners? Or had they already split up and just not got around to getting divorced? Just curious!

    Remember that the Decree Nisi gets made absolute after 6 weeks & one day have elapsed. Then you get a Decree Nisi Absolute (generally known as a 'Decree Absolute') The Absolute one is the one you need to produce for your next wedding.

    My partner & I are both divorced and were divorced for several years before we even met each other. As this was the case and the 2 of us only had one failed marriage each behind us, our vicar agreed to marry us in church.

    Our problem is that we've been divorced so long we'll both probably need to go down to the Courts to get a copy of our divorce decrees! We've got to present these before the wedding can take place.

    Have a lovely married life, all of you!

    Bambagirl x
  • my h2b had started the divorce proceedings b4 we met, found out she was having an affair with somone. the split had nothing to do with me!

    kel xx
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Well, like I said, good luck. Let the ink dry on the divorce papers though! I don't understand why people with a failed marriage can't wait to try again. By the time I marry my fianc???? in March of next year, it will have been 19???? years since I split up with husband No. 1.

    Guess some folk are just addicted to regular fixes of wedding cake!

    Bambagirl x
  • I don't think its a question of time, its about the person. You can wait 6 months and meet the person you know you will spend the rest of your life with or you can wait 20 years and still make a bad mistake.

    In my case i will have been apart from my 1st husband over 3 years but divorced for only 1 year. I love my partner with all my heart and want to be his wife and make a public commitment to him before everyone who is important to us in our life. Its been 23 years since I lasted tasted wedding cake so I think I deserve some now! Best wishes to everyone xxx
  • samoooosamoooo Posts: 288
    That seems quite a harsh comment Bamba. To give you an example - when I got married, it turns out it was without complete knowledge of what my then hubbie had been up to without telling me. When I found out 8 months later, well that was that despite over a subsequent year of trying to fix the relationship. I moved out 8 months ago.

    By your logic then, despite having (to my shock) found the most amazing man who I KNOW I want to be with, I should either:

    a- hold off marrying him and having children for a few more years (by which point I will be mid 30s)


    b- admit myself as just some kind of crazed serial marrier.

    To be honest, that's the kind of attitude that's going to make me cry if people say it when we get engaged and announce it publically image
  • curvycarolcurvycarol Posts: 355
    I split up with my husband in Nov 06 & met my partner 5 months later. Never intended to jump into a serious relationship.... but i knew the marriage was over & had no regrets.

    I asked my partner to marry me.... 10months later. My absolute is pending (2 weeks maybe?) & I am getting married again in August.

  • mrshalomrshalo Posts: 113
    I split from my 1st xh in 1998, met my 2nd xh in 2003, married after christmas 2004. He left me last year but for reasons i'd rather not go into, the marriage died long before he left.

    I met h2b 5 weeks after xh left me and we both vowed never to marry again but got a surprise proposal earlier this year and we intend to marry asap after my divorce comes through. We do have our reasons and I know some may judge us, but nobody we know is begrudging us some happiness after what we have both been through. We certainly ain't addicted to wedding cake, its just been completely wrong (and bad) previous choices, we both know we were made for each other.

    We will probably get those kind of comments when we do announce our marriage, but we dont really care, unless they have walked in our shoes and know what we have been through, then dont judge us. H2b got divorced from his ex several years ago so it'll just be me with the freshly inked absolute.

  • pemb2731pemb2731 Posts: 82
    All I can say is well done to you all who are getting remarried! Curvy, it's so cool that you asked him! (I assume "him", though i guess partner could be either). It is so encouraging to see that even if people make mistakes, they are willing to take the plunge all over again. It's such a winning attitude for life. Great stuff. And makes me realise a little bit more that marriage isn't all about the party and that I can chill out, it's about the people. Congratulations to you all xx
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