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New to this wbsite, anyone else getting married aug 2010? Is it wrong to be so excited already?!!!!


  • hi i,m new to this site 2,getting wed 4th july 09,42yrs young ,twice round the block but having the full works ,i,m very excited 2,y not,just because we r older we still deserve a wonderful day!
  • Of course it's not wrong to be so excited!! We only got engaged on Friday night and have already decided it will be April 2010 and I too am as giddy as can be!!!
  • I just can't wait, said I would never get married again, and then met "the one"! Same for you's?
  • When me and my ex separated, I wouldn't have cared if I'd never met another man again, ever. Then I met Matt and knew straight away he was the one. He also said he'd never get married again (and was very definite about that!) but here we are, engaged!!! This time we both know it's right and it's so much more important than our first weddings, they were just so wrong.
  • i agreethat this time is so different ,first time i didnt do any planning,had a boring sage green jacket and skirt,think i married him to spite certain family members!This time i,m having the works,horsedrawn carriage,princess wedding dress,flowers,favours,the whole package!H2b and i also said we would never wed again but we found not long after "dating" that we were soulmates.Our budget is a bit tight but i,m enjoying shopping around the internet 4 bargains. I dont care if i,m 42 if i want a full wedding i,m gonna have 1,we both deserve it.
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