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does anyone know how to get a copy of your decree absolute?

we are due to give notice on Thursday but my H2B can't find his absolute. Does anyone know how you get a copy, how long it takes and how much it costs at all?

Many thanks



  • At least he's given you some warning my H2B anounced he couldn't find his an hour before our appointment!

    If he knows where he got divorced he can contact the county court and ask for a copy, it cost about £40 (not sure if you have to fill in a form or not).

    If he doesn't know the county count (like my wonderful man :rollimage he needs to fill out a search request which goes to some central registry. My H2B spoke to our local county court who told him what to do and sent him the form. It cost £40 and took just over a week.

    We had to cancel our apointment and re-book it as they need all the paper work to do the notice of marrage. The registar was really nice about it and said it happens all the time.
  • calbradcalbrad Posts: 794
    i have spoke to the court and as he has the reference on the nisi they will do a copy there and then for £5 - phew!
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