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New to this site, saying hello!


I'm new to this site - my lovely, lovely boyfriend proposed to me on Friday night and made me the happiest woman in the world.

We have both been married before to the wrong person and have both been divorced for a few years now. We're planning on getting married in April 2010 but we'll be having a tiny wedding, having both already had a huge wedding each and realising that it's not really our cup of tea so it'll be 12 guests, no bridesmaids, no best man, no ushers, no cake, no night do, just a simple ceremony followed by a very small, informal reception. That will all be followed by a HUGE honeymoon as that is where our priorities lie - spend the money on ourselves rather than everyone else!

I personally found that other people took over the last time I got married and this time (with the right man!) I am determined that it is going to be exactly as we want and I will tell anyone who tries to interfere to keep their nose out, even if it means causing offence and falling out. This time it's going to be the perfect wedding in every way!

Thanks for reading!!


  • I am getting married in July '09 and am very excited. Our wedding started as a smallish do but as my h2b hasn't been married before and he is an only child. He feels that his parents would like to see him married in style. We now have 4 bridesmaids I have 2 girls and my sisters children want to join in ( how could I say no they have been wanting to be bridesmaids for years). It was also difficult to limit the guest list as friends come with 2 children! We will have 31 at the reception. No one is interferring though. We are paying and it is up to us. Well my sister is paying for the two bridesmaids.

    I am just about organised and am counting down the days currently 290 until the wedding.

    I hope you get the day and the husband of your dreams.
  • Welcome! Glad you are so happy and excited ~ hope you get lots of help and ideas from the site, although you will probably good at giving advice if you've been through it before image
  • Hi venusinflares and congratulaions.

    I feel the same as you about my first wedding being "taken over" by everyone else. Fortunatly everyone seems happy to leave me to it this time, almost to the point some-times it feels like they're not interested, which I know isn't the case.

    The only person I've upset so far is my future sister-in-law over my dress but I think I'm going to be upsetting a few of H2B's relations. We're having a tiny wedding and only inviting close family..... so we can spend the money on a fab honeymoon too.
  • Thanks for your replies folks!

    I know certain family members are going to be annoyed with me - we are only inviting very immediate family and one best mate (plus their partners) so a total of 12.

    The first wedding I had was not what I wanted at all - there was so much that I just felt ended up out of my control. I had a night do with people there who I didn't even know. I think when you're doing this for the second time, you've learnt from the first time and can see that a lot of it is completely unneccessary. Put it this way - I won't be getting stressed about table decorations or favours!

  • Quoted:
    Put it this way - I won't be getting stressed about table decorations or favours!

    Favours are the one thing I will be getting very stressed over. My 12 year old daughter wanted to make the cake so we've comprimised and she's going to make the favours instead! I think they're going to involve lots of chocolate and icing. Fourtuatly we only need a maximum of 15 and I've got back-up plans just incase it all goes horribly wrong.
  • Hi Girls

    This is my first posting on the site, but I've been looking an reading for a while now. This is also the second time around for me and my H2B we also started with a really small wedding but are now finding that thngs are escalating, no ones fault but ur own, we have three children between us aged 7,9 and 10 (all girls I may add) and find that they are so so so so excited, they are the ones who want 'the little extras'. Its really nice actually to have your chldren so involved. (but expensive)
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