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i'd like to find a slimming buddy!

I'm getting married in dec this year and i'd like to have a slimming buddy to help keep me motivated

so if theres anyone out there thats up to the job please message back:\)


  • I am getting married in July next year, and need to lose a few stones. I have joined weight watchers and have lost 10lbs in 3 weeks. I am a size 18 but would love to be a 14 for the wedding, I will try and help if I can.
  • i too have joined weight watchers and have lost 6lb in 4 wks. but as a working mum i don't have time to go to meetings so i joined online. so if you find any little tips you could pass on that would be great. many thanks for your offer too
  • The best tip at the moment is weighing your food. I followed core before, where you didn't need to weigh. But now you have to count all points, I realise where I was overeating before.
  • Hi Sas,

    What date are you getting married? I am also a Dec bride (12th) so am desperately trying to lose, then maintain my weight, so will be able to keep you motivated if you need it?

    Cath xxx
  • I'm a jan 2010 bride if anyones still looking for a slimming buddy image
  • i'm cheating slightly here becasue I;m already married! Sorry.

    But I am a post wedding blob now and need motivation toget the weight off. I did really well before the wedding and last year with Rosemary COnley, but at the moment lack the motivation, so am also up for it.

    Please feel free to email me.

    Love & hugs

    Rita R

  • I'm a Nov bride and have a couple of stones to lose. I've been mucking about at WW for months and lost about 4lb image well I have lost more but put it back on but this is the incentive I need! I'll happy join anyone to be a slimming buddy!
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