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What colour dress do I wear as a divorcee!

Guys, this is the second time around for me and I'm a bit confused over colour of dress and if I'm to wear veil over my face or not! Would like to know what not to do as a divorcee.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



  • WheesieWheesie Posts: 846
    Wear whatever you like and feel comfortable in.

    Personally I'd wear red cos I think it looks lovely, with a chic little birdcage veil or a fab fascinator, but that's just me.
  • bagwashbagwash Posts: 343
    Whatever you feel comfortable with.

    It's my 2nd time as well. I turned 50 in December and I get married 3 weeks tomorrow. I didn't actually intend to wear anything traditionally bridal but I've ended up with the full ivory blancmange number and I love it. I went out looking for burgundy velvet image
  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246
    Im divorced and just re married in a full ivory wedding dress and veil ! wear what ever you want to, its your day and doesnt matter if its your 1st ,3rd or 5th wedding, you should be able to wear what you like, its your day, go for it !!!
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138

    It was my second time last year and i originally wanted to wear a red dress but then i saw my dress Amanda Wyatt "poppy" and loved it , you can wear what you like as long as your happy!! If you would like to see a pic of mine just email me. Shaz xx
  • Just go out there and try on everything!

    You'll know when you find the perfect dress xxx
  • WheesieWheesie Posts: 846
    Partly depends on what's appropriate for the venue, rather than the fact that its a second (or third, or whatever) marriage. Where are you having it?
  • Thanks very much guys, having the wedding in the caribbean and my aunt was saying that its tradition says as a divorcee I have to wear pink or blue dress and I am not suppose to put the veil over my dress because I'm not a virgin! I've got a lovely ivory dress that I've fallen totally in love with but I'm a bit confused!
  • bagwashbagwash Posts: 343
    ... my aunt was saying that its tradition says as a divorcee I have to wear pink or blue dress and I am not suppose to put the veil over my dress because I'm not a virgin! ...

    Tradition from which century? We're in a new millenium now, never mind a new century. Do what feels right for you, not what some outdated tradition says.

    Btw, I'm 50 and have never heard of that tradition. image
  • loobyveeloobyvee Posts: 1,022
    I hate to disagree with your aunt but we are only really into second generation divorcees remarrying so this cannot possibly be a tradition. I set out to find a coloured dress and ended up having an ivory full on number choosing me. As my dear friend says 'S*d it being your 2nd marriage, this is the first time you are marrying your h2b'
  • I'm wearing the full bridal in Ivory... however, its classical & elegant as opposed to cinderella, yet enough of the bridal that i wont be able to wear it as a party dress.

  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    I'm wearing a veil and a traditional style dress, not in white but in ivory with a coloured trim. I'm marrying in church too. Partner & I are BOTH divorced. Very few bridal shops actually stock pure white, nothing to do with virginity, but rather it's a colour that's quite unflattering to many brides of all ages.

    The problem with wearing a full bridal gown, whatever the colour, is how easily it transports when you're having an overseas destination wedding.

    If you want to wear a veil, wear one. It's your choice entirely. I'm wearing a veil and I'm even wearing the front part over my face because my partner says he loves the part where the minister says "You may now kiss your bride" and he gets to lift it away!!

    Years ago in 1969, a friend of mine married in Church. She was VERY traditional, a regular church attender, never been married before and a virgin too. But, because she was 48, she felt (or maybe she was made to feel) that a traditional wedding gown wasn't quite the thing at her age. So she wore a smart suit instead - her groom was 10 years younger than her. My friend died in 2001. She remained married to the same husband, so good on her and him!

    Well, I'm 50, so a couple of years older than my friend was, AND I'm marrying in Church. Well, I don't care what people think or what they consider appropriate for my age, I'm jolly well going to LOOK like a bride! Full length gown, a veil, the works!

    Bamba x
  • Thanks Bambagirl, you know what I'm going to wear what I want and dont even care what noone says, its my day. Although I'm not a virgin, I'm my h2b virgin so I'm going to go out there and enjoy my special day.

    Thanks again guys for all your comments
  • anitacukanitacuk Posts: 343
    Wear what you like sureley

    Dont think about the fact you are a'divorcee' Im having ivory and a veil the lot and cant wait. Who cares whether youve been married before?

    Im happy to being doing it again. If im honest though I cant stand it when my first wedding(13 years ago) is mentioned when im planning this one. People dont think when they speak really annoys me and especially when its in front of h2b....sorry rant over
  • Hi i'm getting married second time 21st august ..and i've just ordered my beautiful maggie sottero dress with veil in ivory . and i'm over 40 .. ..

    h2bs first time so why should he miss out .on me being his princess..

    it's your day so dazzle them ..

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  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    I was married for the second time last August and I had the full bridal gown with train and I had a tiara but no veil.

    You wear what you want, it doesn't matter that it is the 2nd time.

  • I am getting married in May and it will be the second time for both H2B and me. I will be 46 on the day and H2B 51.

    I set out looking for something 'suitable' but not really knowing what that was other than I knew I didn't want white. I had 2 things going around in my head 1. You're too old for a traditional dress )mutton dressed up as lamb syndrome) 2. Its your 2nd marriage (what will people think?).

    However, I fell in love with a pale ivory Amanda Wyatt dress called 'Emerald' . Even my 76 year old mother approved. It has a sweeping train and sooo gorgeous I just had to have it. I spent the next few weeks full of doubt but now I don't care what other people may think - I'm having what I want for my special day.

    I've ummed and ahhh'd about a veil and decided not to have one but I will be wearing a small tiara.

    My advice to you would be 'Think about what you really want and then go for it. You will know in your heart whether it is right for you or not!'

    Good Luck
  • good on you ariesgirl, I'm going to wear what I want as said before Its my day!
  • Hi

    I posted before, but now that ive learnt how to add images, i thought i would SHOW you what im wearing, as a 37yr old divorcee.

    Elegant, without being cinderella (not that matters) but def. a wedding dress


  • its second time around for us both but we are both wearing traditional attire. I have an ivory full length wedding dress and he will be in suit/waistcoat etc

    46 days to go and I cant wait!!

  • GO for that ivory dress, dear. You should wear what makes you feel great. its second time for me and my h2b too. at the beginning, i wasn't in favor of a wedding party, just a small family dinner but my h2b encouraged me to go for a nice party. i won't wear a veil though, not because of any traditions because i don't feel like wearing one. i will wear a full length wedding dress (hiedra pronovias) is ivory and has a cute train that starts from the halters. it fits what a want...a noon outdoor party. I can't wait and so should you. Pick what makes you HAPPY.

  • Hi All

    its my 3rd wedding, i was in ivory,then red and now i am going 2 wear ivory again

    it is your day u choose, and enjoy finding the right dressimage x
  • Hi. I too am a 'divorcee' and getting married for a second time. My first marriage was 22 years and I have now been with my partner for just over 11 years. We haven't exactly rushed it! I will be 58 when we marry in December. I am looking at a silk suit type outfit. I have seen some by Paul Vasseur, and this is the style I prefer. I think it has to be something you feel comfortable in, not just on your body but in your 'head' and 'heart'. I think you will know it when you find it. Good luck.
  • Hi I know exactly how you feel, is my 2nd time, I have an ivory dress for the ceremony abroad but am really nervous about wearing it at my big UK reception in case people judge me, I keep looking for a coloured dress to wear for that but deep down I know its my day and I should wear what I want
  • BearCubukBearCubuk Posts: 1,145
    You won't be judged! Wear whatever makes you feel your best. All the pale and neutral coloured dresses made me look washed out so I'm wearing black! My dress is gorgeous, it'll take everyone by surprise but it's very me image
  • MrsFlowerfairyMrsFlowerfairy Posts: 6,800
    It was my second wedding and i wore the whole shebang! full wedding dress complete with 7' cathedral veil, tiara the whole works! wear whatever you feel good in x
  • sarahrobsonuksarahrobsonuk Posts: 3,266
    I'm wearing 'soft blush' just cos i loved the colour, but would probably have chosen ivory if soft blush didnt exist.!! i would agree and say wear exactly what you like.
  • cforchezcforchez Posts: 8
    What colour dress should you wear?

    There is only one answer to that question.... The one you want to wear, its your day and you should have what you want!!!

    im a divorcee too and at Age 37, i have decided to go for a Burgundy (more like Black Cherry), dress, not because I'm a divorcee but because I love the dress.

    Enjoy every minute and dont allow anyone to take anything away from your big day, have exactly what you want .. you dont want to look back on the day and say 'I wish I'd have had that one.......'

    Enjoy the planning and preparation and best of luck with your choice.

    Love Cheryl
  • KC1506KC1506 Posts: 254

    Its my second time around too we're getting married in Sorrento April 2010. I would really like to wear gold and maybe have a veil coming from the back of my hair. But i just keep thinking am I too old for that?

  • curvycarolcurvycarol Posts: 355
    Im wearing a beautiful Maggie Soterro dress (Mikala) in Ivory & lace. But no veil.

    Im a divorcee too & 37yrs old. Go for it.... wear what u want!

  • Hey! its my second time around too, and my h2b's first time, and I am wearing ivory.

    Its YOUR day, wear whatever you want to and you feel happy in! It doesnt matter whether its your 2nd, 10th or 20th wedding, its your day and you should wear whatever you want to! Happy planning and dress hunting! x

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