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    Yes, I did a post on this topic myself - which you'll find here:


    My wishing well idea also includes the suggestion of people just throwing cards in to "wish us well", and writing greetings on small cards that can be mounted into a guest book. So it's NOT a direct request for cash.

    I find that a lot of people will just offer us cash anyway, which is great.

    I'm making a wishing well from cardboard boxes from the supermarket and covering it with decorative paper. A child's plastic seaside pail will complete the look! I've a friend I can give it away to later on that's getting married herself. I'm too much of a hoarder to have a more sturdy construction like you're having and our garden is only a handkerchief sized patch in front of our house.

    Bamba x
  • I think its a great idea ive had a treasure chest made and will decorate it... ive got a similar verse to you but just adjusted to suit a chest rather than a wishing well....
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    Blimey, if I got a wedding invite that said:

    "Cash or Voucher its not too hard.

    Pop it in your wedding card"

    I'd be really offended! I think in America it's much more socially accpetable to just outright ask for money. I don't think I would do that here. "Cash or voucher"????? Very rude IMO.

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