Getting married August 2010..

Hi i'm getting married 21st August 2010..Very excited....

I feel like i must be driving family and friends mad with wedding talk...apart from my matron of honour..whos a god send...

Anyone else out there who is suffering from bridal brain and totally enjoying it

but feels that sometimes those close need a break from our nagging drop me a line and we can discuss favors and fancys to our hearts content......


  • Hi there... I get married a week after you and my other half is at the mo being pushed over the edge with me going on and on...ha ha...shame!!
  • hi im the 2nd but i dont feel like anyone is intrested and i mean at all so i think i will stay freinds with you girls if theats ok ??
  • billikinsbillikins Posts: 151
    HI girls not been on chat for while family life... went to harrogate show at weekend ..bliss even other half got in on act he wants roulette table what do you think ????
  • amandajayne69amandajayne69 Posts: 2,352
    Hi girls, a roulette table wow thats diffrent, my h2h is at the stage where he just shakes his head at me now, i dont think he even hears what i say bless him.

    Well i am on my third dress and second venue, thats me for you, good luck evey-one.
  • billikinsbillikins Posts: 151
    got the dress first one i tried on ..and i only went to look..venue sorted need florist now h2b is good as he seems to like all my ideas and just agrees with everything..
  • billikinsbillikins Posts: 151
    what date's the wedding mandy???
  • amandajayne69amandajayne69 Posts: 2,352
    Hi, its the 4th aug, but got most things done just the photographer to sort.
  • billikinsbillikins Posts: 151
    three weeks before me got photographer seems really good..just booked swing band..want that old hollywood glamour..i swear i was born in wrong era lol
  • amandajayne69amandajayne69 Posts: 2,352
    Me to i should have been a sixties child all that free love an all.
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