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different from last time.

hi ladies bit of advice please.

am getting marred for the second time this november and am getting comments from certain family members about it being the second time and assuming they will get invited cause they were last time, one aunt has said she will wear the same outfit ( last time was 1995!!!!). i dont want these people at my wedding i didn't last time, was not quite so tough back then!! lol. why cant they understand i dont want comments about my last wedding while planning this one,,,,, yes they have suggested i use same dress too..... would go no where near me now mind.... not that i would but i wish they would butt out!!

H2b is great thinks its really funny.. am i being a bit sensetive?


  • helenlindohelenlindo Posts: 135
    Hi Mrs mcC 2b, I am getting married for the second time too on 25th April. You could always say that you want to keep things intimate for the ceromony and that you are sure that they will aprreciate your wishes. We are having a fairly small ceromony but 150 to an evening party so the world and his wife plus aunties are coming to that! As for same outfit from 1995 - for heavens sake!!! Good luck!
  • BambagirlBambagirl Posts: 7,506
    Earl & I are marrying in 12 days' time. It's second time around for both of us. My last wedding was in a Register Office, this time it's in Church. We're not wearing anything from our previous weddings, and neither are our guests. I've told some people (who've hinted for invitations) that our venue has restrictions on occupancy and everyone's welcome at the evening reception.

    Bamba xx
  • curvycarolcurvycarol Posts: 355
    im shed loads lighter than when i married the first time... im wiser, smarter & more in control of my life.

    Last time it was a quiet wedding (9people) this time its 100 daytime & 100 more at night! EVERYONE is getting an invite! lol

    I dont care if people make comments....... let it go over your head.. ignore them. Only invite who YOU Want there & sod them all!

    Seriously.. worry less about what 'they' say & make it a special day for you both.

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