2nd Time Round Brides - Lets see your dresses???

Hi, I have been reading the other threads and some ladies seem to be concerned about what they should wear the second time around.

I thought it may be a good idea if all us 2nd timers showed off our dresses to put others minds at rest that they should wear what they like! I also love to look at lovely dress pics!!! image


  • not got anything to show as having mine designed and made so its just a sketch in paper and a fabric sample at the moment
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    This is me on my wedding day 26th July last year. xx

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    this will be my second time around i got married in 2000 the day brad pitt and jen a got married that didnt work out, and this time around im wearing this dress and very excited weve already got 4 kiddies and their my flower girls and bridesmaids

  • Hoping this works as I'm struggling wth posting pictures lol

    This should be the design for my dress

    Its a sweetheart neck with rouching over the stomach coming together with a pale gold corsage and on the back at the bottom the squiggles if a pale gold embroidery.

    This is it with a sample of the material being used, its a satin type

  • Yeah it worked !!!
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    Wow!! You all have such beautiful dresses!!! I love the design for yours HT72!

    I think I have finally worked out how to put my dress link on here. Here goes........

    http://s677.photobucket.com/albums/vv136/purplebutterfly-2009/My dress/

    the password is popsicle.


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  • I couldn't get the link to work PurpleFlutterby image
  • Yeah got it too work by copying and pasting into a new window

    Thats a beautiful dress PurpleFlutterby and you have a fantastic figure!
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    image PurpleFlutterby how AMAZING do you looK! image
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    Purpleflutterby, Your dress is gorgeous !! xx

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  • Purpleflutterby your dress is stunning! Exactly the kind of thing Im looking for! DO you mind me asking where you got it? What make and style etc?


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    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, they definitely put my mind at rest. (I was trying to lose half a stone, but have successfully lost exactly zero pounds! image )

    29thAug2010, it is by Margaret Lee in the Romance range (according to my bridal shop). The code the lady in the shop gave me was 91066 but I cant find it anywhere on the internet (and I've spent hours, days, weeks searching!!!). I can give you the name of the shop if you live anywhere near Worcestershire. It was a great buy at £600 and there is some lovely embroidery that you cant see on the pic.

    On another note, is anyone wearing a veil?

  • I'm not wearing a veil, I think they can look lovely espicially when they are worn low on the back of the head but I've never fancied wearing one, I didn't wear one last time either
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    I was convinced I wasn't going to wear a veil, as it is my 2nd marriage, but I have seen how lovely shazza21 looks in hers and I've gone and bought a cheap one off ebay (just to see how it looks). I am still not sure though. (Of course I wouldn't wear it over my face .....after 2 kids it may be a bit of a long shot trying to convince people I am pure! :lolimage
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    bless you P.flutterby, I wil wear mine over my face as it is tradition. Go on! Who's gonna say anything?! I dont care! Its my day and I will do as i please!
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    Well said, it is my day after all (and H2Bs of course!). I am not usually one to get too bothered. When are you getting wed?
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    Thanks for the compliment PurpleFlutterby i wasnt to sure about wearing a veil at all didnt think it was me but once i had it on i just loved it , i managed to get a lovely one which had some slight damage which they fixed for me that had diamontes all over and hanging around the edge was £100 down to £35 and was stunning and i did wear it over my face as it was my H2Bs first marriage and he wanted to be able to lift my veil !! will try and find a pic and show you xx
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    This is mine just hope this link works...

    cannot seem to upload pics on here!!!!...blonde eh!!!!
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    Your dress is gorgeous hun !! xx
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    Thank you shazza21....

    i knew i wanted a wedding dress but didnt want to over do it!...because of my age!! im 46.

    But my mum said it was perfect! and we all know mums know best!! lol

    Your dress is stunning!....love the colours! really summery....

    jacquie x
  • Beautiful dress Jax image
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    the dress i hope to wear is on my profile photo !

    its ivory and gold ,though i have had douts about the dress ?

    ive made my mind up !

    lm wearing it !!

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    oooo, have you got a bigger picture we can look at? :\) Would love to see it but my poor squinting eyes are struggling to see the little piccie.
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    can someone help me post a pic how do i get it from a fil on laptop to here? sorry im a bit thick not sure wot to do !!
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    You need to load it on to photobucket etc, then you can put it on this site , once loaded onto photobucket then right click scroll down to properties ,then left click on url 3 times so it is highlighted then click copy , go back to the thread and click post reply then click img then paste url then click img again and press submit and you should see your pic !! xx
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    Here you go Jo72 xx

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    cheers shazza21 did i miss something out?
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    I think you missed the last img button off hun thats all xx
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