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Widowed and Re-marrying????

Hi Ladies,

Just really wanted to know if there is anyone else like me that is widowed but is re-marrying?

I was widowed 7yrs ago yesterday in fact, at the age of 39.

and left to bring up 2 young children 10&8..

I met my lovely h2b nearly 2yrs ago (next month) and he has transformed my and the childrens life so damaticly...

My son who is 15 is giving me away after losing my dad in 07, god im going to be so proud of him!! and my daughter who will be nearly 18 is my cbm... i am so proud of both of them!!

We get married in 15days and are having a civil ceremony at Cooling Castle Barn Rochester..

Its my h2b 1st marriage so i wanted it to be so special for him....this is going to be everything i didnt have at my 1st wedding...

So there will be so much emotion running on the day,.. am i going to be able to hold it together?..Noooo.. i doubt it!!lol

would be lovely to hear from anyone who found themself in the same situ as me...

but feel free to comment anyway...

jacquie x


  • xmasKTukxmasKTuk Posts: 63
    hi jax1145!

    i have never been through anything like that but just want to say congratulations to your family for pulling through such a terrible time and showing that you can be happy again.

    good luck for your wedding day and i hope you all have an amazing day and fantastic future!!!

  • JAX1145JAX1145 Posts: 1,742
    Thank you so much for that....

    Lots of luck on your day....

    jacquie x
  • mrshalomrshalo Posts: 113
    Hi, ive not been widowed but had to post to say congratulations, you sound so excited and happy!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, it sounds like its going to be perfect, its made me happy knowing that there are happy endings!

  • Hi Jacquie,

    I was CBM for my widowed Mum when she finally married after being widowed for 20 years.

    Have a great day, it is so fun to be able to start creating your new family memories together!

    Maplewindsor xx
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