July 09 Brides?

Hi, second time round and getting married on 25 July at Deans Place (Brighton). Really excited, 16 years since was married and have learnt a lot since then so think I know a little bit more than I did then about what marraige actually means and takes to work. Will be in floods of tears as cry at anything these days and feel blessed to be marrying such a lovely man.

Gerry x


  • king2bking2b Posts: 212
    are bless you

    it first time for me aged 38 and i too know it for keeps

    your post is lovely we are 4 july and the overwelming love is really beginning to kick in

    all the best

  • tigger_197613tigger_197613 Posts: 4,416
    we also 4th july and im so excited i could burst , im 33 2nd time for me toomy h2b is wonderful and we both learnt alot since our first marriages xx
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