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Not long to go!

Just found out this morning that the provisional date for nisi has been confirmed, on the 27th, a week on monday!

Hopefully I will get my absolute mid-june and can then have a joint divorce/engagement celebration. Had to post it here, im so overjoyed, even went into Monsoon today to look at more dresses but they had hardly anything on the rails, no wedding dresses at all (in case I change my mind lol) they get them in over summer though.


  • samoooosamoooo Posts: 288
    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! image

    Congratulations! After that, welcome to the '6 weeks and counting' club. I'm now 2 days off being able to post the blasted absolute application - although with all this waiting, my few 'argh is this the right choice' nerves have come back (it is, but I'm far too nice for my own good and let myself have guilt when I shouldn't)

    But the point being - yayyyy! image
  • mrshalomrshalo Posts: 113
    Thanks image I was so excited I spent the whole afternoon cleaning the house from top to bottom lol, its sinking in a bit more today, I said to h2b earlier that a week today I'll be almost divorced!
  • leah1999leah1999 Posts: 31

    I hope you donlt mind me asking but how long ago did you file the petition and citing what as the reason?

    I am about to file against my ex for unreasonable circumstances. We have been separated officially for over a year and had agreed that he would file against me for adultery as it would be simpler but, true to his lazy form he hasn't bothered to sign the papers despite agreeing that I would fill the forms out for him post them to the courts and pay the fee!! It is typical him though.

    I know he won't return the forms within the required eight days and so fully expect to apply for a bailiff to serve the papers.

    Has anyone filed for unreasonable behaviour and how long did the decree nisi take?

  • mrshalomrshalo Posts: 113
    I did a statement admitting to my adultery, even though I never cheated on my husband, I only met h2b after he walked out on me. It was sent to his lawyer in december but I think things are either going slowly at the local courthouse or they are busy with divorces. This is extreme so dont be afraid but for my first divorce it took 2 years to get to nisi for a 2 year separation due to legal nightmares/red tape/lawyer losing paperwork and marriage certificate, it was a total nightmare and I was thrilled when I finally got my absolute

    I think someone put on another thread that it should take roughly about 2 months for nisi.
  • samoooosamoooo Posts: 288
    I did! Aaaaaaaand as I recall I put the initial paperwork in around January?? And the Nisi went through 10 March.

    My ExH is v disorganised but he managed ok to sign the forms 'there and there', so maybe yours will be too image

    best of luck
  • leah1999leah1999 Posts: 31
    thanks. That is reassuring. Can't wait to close that book!!

    Did the 'unreasonable behaviour' seem petty to you??
  • samoooosamoooo Posts: 288
    Um in my case no, because the reason the relationship ended was due to behaviour on his part that was beyond unreasonable - i'm going to use the words 'hooker website' and 'photos' and 'me' and let you join the dots there image
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