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my wonderful h2b

Slightly shamelessly pinched idea from Curvy's thread but want to hear what makes our h2b so wonderful compared to the ex's!

I just had to gush this out cos I feel so blessed and lucky to have h2b image

Ive touched on this in previous posts, that my ex was a total nightmare, he still is but at least im getting divorced now, but he never ever called me by my name, it was always 'babe' 'love' etc image it was so degrading.

H2b always calls me by my name and remarked earlier that my daughter sometimes calls me by my name instead of mummy (is really funny sometimes), and that all little ones do this with their parents at some point or other. Its a novelty for her as its only now that she hears me called by my name. Sorry probably sounds daft to you all but am managing to delete all memories of my ex due to his abusive, controlling and selfish nature. Im lucky to be quite resilient.

H2b went to see his gp last week and spent most of the appointment asking for info about the rare form of arthrtis I have, and forgot some of the questions he had been meaning to ask (my ex would NEVER have done that) and this morning announced that he was going to book a massage session at a beauty salon, as a surprise for me with all the stress going on in our lives at the moment, but couldnt contain himself and had to tell me. Again, ex would NEVER have done that, all money went on him, he never thought of me at all.

I never even felt like his wife, it was as if I didnt belong, but with h2b, we already feel like an old married couple that have been togther for zillions of years, we even have arguments and thats something I could never do with ex. That sounds very strange but you cant argue with someone who is always right and thinks they are completely perfect!

Roll on my divorce....


  • samoooosamoooo Posts: 288
    Ooooooooooooooh! What a fun thread! image

    h2b is totally in touch with his emotions and shares how he is feeling with me quite freely.

    He makes it clear and evident every day how much he loves me - hugs me, kisses me, thinks i'm cute and funny, insists i'm tiny and huggable (I'm 5ft10!) and beams whenever he wakes up in the morning and sees me. I feel genuinely cherished every minute of the day.

    He buys me random little presents, like a single red rose, or a bunch of flowers to cheer me up, or a cake image

    He listens and hugs me whenever I get upset, and will put up with HOURS of me crying on him or asking the same thing over and over again. Oh and he denies it's 'putting up with' cos he loves me.

    He genuinely likes everything about me and doesn't want me to try and change any part of me, unless I want to and then he's right behind me. To quote bridget jones it seems he likes me 'just the way I am'.

    Ummmmm bunch of stuff, am a bit heat stroked out atm so head not working properly image But basically because he's in touch with his emotions, it makes everything so lovely. We like all the same things and it's like having a super best friend who I also fancy like crazy and can't wait to marry!

    ExH finds it very hard to deal with emotions and although he's better at it then he was when we got together 8 years ago, he still finds it incredibly hard, and none of the stuff I have with h2b ever really happened wtih him (although I knew he loved me, I didn't FEEL it like this if that makes sense).

    Oh yes and ExH gave me huge hangups about body hair and my taste in clothes. And exploited me sexually...

    All of which I am delighted to not have any more! image

    Go the future and marrying our proper hb's! image
  • mrshalomrshalo Posts: 113
    Oooooooooh you just reminded me of something else but how could I have forgotten it, ex gave me huge hang ups about my body shape and weight and never gave me any compliments or anything. H2b adores me and has shifted all my negative feelings with hardly any effort. He is just the best!

    Just after we started seeing each other, we hadnt even kissed by this point image thats how slowly we took things!!! But we were lying on the sofa together and I said to him that if this doesnt work out, at least I know exactly what I should be looking for in a relationship now, although I guess I already knew that he was the 'one'. He treats me like a lady and didnt rush me into anything.

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