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Olden times music


Is anyone experiencing an age gap problem when it comes to choosing music? My H2B is slightly younger than me, 8 years. At times this doesnt feel like a big gap but at other times it feels like a chasm!

Choosing the music for our wedding next year is one of the times when it feels like a chasm.

I love really cheesy music, one of my chums little boys calls it 'Olden times music' which makes me laugh!

I love Cilla Black, Herb Alpert, Bert Kampfert, Marvin Gaye (the early stuff) Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton etc. We have been looking at the music for our wedding and my H2b doesnt like anything that I like. Well I am willing to give him most of his choices as this is his first time but I would like my music tastes to be reflected in there someway.

He wants Enqrique - Hero for our first dance - fine my me, thats cheesy enough :0) but I am flummoxed by what I walk down the aisle to, he wont have cilla, nor bert nor Herb. I think we will have to settle on Classical, but its a Humanist ceremony and we can have anything we want, I am desperate for this to be a memorable day, my first wedding was hi-jacked by both sets of mothers and I felt as if they could have put a dummy on wheels and dressed her in a white frock and no one would have noticed. This time it is different, we (well me) are paying for it all.

Is there anyway I can introduce the type of music I like?

Thanks for listening.


  • tigger_197613tigger_197613 Posts: 4,416
    when i got with my hb2 i used to mainly listen to the 80s lol but my h2b introduced me to johnny cash and when theres nothing on tv walk the line the johnny cash story goes on, i love it and i love his voice and we are having johhny cash rose of my heart while signing our register , its second time round for both of us

    also i love the jazz singer , have you tried introducing it to him thru the movies?

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  • shazbel14shazbel14 Posts: 328
    dfe have your choice as you walk down the aisle end of xx that bits about u xx explain it in a nice way lol x

    what about something from swing - eg older song sung by a newer artist eg robbie or michael bubble - that way he may recognise the song even though its an oldem

  • budsmumbudsmum Posts: 611
    Thank you ladies, yes Shazbel that bit is about me you are right, and you did make me smile!

    I will keep on searching and will definately get something we both like!

    Budsmum x
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