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Older Brides, need help with dress ideas

Hello there,

I wonder if any of you lovely ladies will be able to help me.

My Mum who is 57 years old and is planning on getting married for the second time in the spring, she has lost a lot of weight and looks amazing.

I am currently trying to find ideas for her for the right dress.

She is thinking of having the simplest of weddings and may even get married first without everyone there and then have a celebration with their family and friends.

I am finding it particularly difficult to find anything for her due to her age and she doesn't want anything too over the top but something pretty and simple with a lace shrug to cover her arms. I have found a few Alfred Angelo dresses that are very pretty but wondered if anyone else could come up with any ideas and could possibly ahow pics.

She would even consider a suit.

Many thanks in advance

Jen ximage


  • LinntyLinnty Posts: 59
    hi Gracie

    I am sure I have read a thread on here about something rather similar not too long ago... can't find it now when I want to! Although I do remember this site as being quoted

    However, among the 'normal' designers, I am sure you will find dresses that would be lovely, perhaps from the destination designs, as some of those are simpler in design? Mori Lee do some lovely ones.

    Having said that, I am 52, getting married next June, and have chosen a proper wedding dress. As my daughter said, 'its the one day you can please yourself what you wear, so go for it mum, and don't worry what anyone else says'. I have picked out a Ronald Joyce dress from the 2008 range, not a huge full dress, but a proper wedding dress. I refuse to look like a mother of the bride when I AM the bride!

    Good luck with your search - possibly some of the others who have been on here longer will remember the previous thread with its suggestions?


  • Thank you Linnty for your reply.

    I will definately show her the link you have suggested, thank you for that.

    I think the best thing for her to do is to go and visit a few shops.

    Good luck to you for your wedding in June, I do agree that you should look like a bride than a mother of the bride. My worry is that no one will be able to tell her apart from her guests. I have found some beautiful dresses but are very very pricey.

    These are the ones I particularly like but not sure if it's still too dressey for her

    Or this one


    Jen x
  • LinntyLinnty Posts: 59

    I like all three of those, but the last one particularly. Maybe my reasoning might help -

    Being older and not so slim as I'd like, I wouldn't really want a strapless dress, thinking it would feel too 'exposed'? , so wouldn't be too keen on the first dress. Similar thinking for the middle one too - although it doesnt look as though it has a train. I wasn't keen on having one at all myself. My wedding is supposed to be a big informal family get together, and anything too full-on just doesn't feel right.

    The last dress is my favourite of the ones you've chosen for your mum as although there is a bit of a train (I'm sure there is a design word for that style), it seems less fussy, and has a rather elegant line to it.

    For me, the dress I've actually chosen, surprised me, very different from my initial ideas - wanting something simple, empire line and only a little bit of bling.

    This is my dress... rather figure hugging but when I put it on, it was 'wow' so I knew it was the one. I shall have to nerve myself for being the centre of attention as it is!

    Not a very good photo of it, its no 18 on Ronald Joyce 2008 collection

    If you can, get your mum to try on several that she wouldn't normally have thought about as well, just to clarify her ideas. Ronald Joyce does some really elegant designs and they aren't all hugely expensive either. I was lucky, mine was half price in a sale, and needs only minor alterations for a perfect fit

    Hope you have success, and please post a pic of what she finally chooses?
  • I have been reading with great interest about finding the right dress for us "oldies". I am getting married again next June and I am 59 and of a curvy nature. I found lots of beautiful dresses under Jasmine Jade and Jade Couture. They are from America and many bridal shops are their agents. Look under Mother of the Bride. I can assure you they are not Mumsy at all and great if you dont want to wear white.

    My dress isfull length and strapless with a lace bodice to cover the "bat wings" and I have picked the colour platinum which is a silver grey.

    Please ladies dont opt for suits because you think you might look like mutton dressed up as lamb. This is your day, and you are the bride not a guest! I promise you, that you will regret it on the day for not being that bit braver. I have made my own tiara of flowers and pearls and I found it so easy and enjoyable I would recommend it to everyone!
  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    I'm in my fifties and having this dress in gold....check out my other thread about dresses on older brides x

  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    ps it comes with a wrap which I'm having made into a bolero with 3/4 sleeves ......tell your mum to be brave and enjoy!! x
  • Hi,

    I need some help and advice with regards to what to wear when i get married again May 2010.

    Both my parner and I have been married before and by the time the big day arrives i will be 48. My idea is to have a 'just above the knee' dress which is quite fitted. Any ideas??

    My previous wedding was not how i wanted it and this time it will be!!

    I love the Ronald Joyce collection but from what i can see they are all long.

    Many thanks.
  • Not an older bride but my mum is 60 and looks amazing for her age, she went out the other night in leggings and a tunic top I don't think there is any reason why an older bride should look like MOB or a guest!! In answer to the OP perhaps she could try the debut range at Debenhams or the Designers at Debenhams range, also she doesn't necissarily (sp sorry!) have to wear white or ivory, perhaps depending on her coloring red, purple green or gold?? x

    Janet have you considered looking at bridesmaid dresses? A lot of them are tea-length dessy do a large range for instance, and you could always get it in white or ivory? Also a lot of the destinations ranges have shorter dresses, x
  • Titania31Titania31 Posts: 7
    My mum got hers from a normal bridal shop. They usually have lots to choose from. If you're stuck maybe even try Monsoon/Debenhams. Thaye seem to have simple, elegant bridal gowns. She still wants to look like a gorgeous bride! xx
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