Had to call my ex today

LMAO had to call my ex today to see when we got divorce as i couldnt remember. Was a little embarassed as i need a copy from the courts of my decree absolut. Anyone else that couldnt remember such an important event?

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  • I know what you mean, I always count it from the day we split / he left. If it hadn't been for my decree absolut i wouldn't have a clue.
  • I can't remember the date of mine but i know the date of h2b's!!! Is that strange?
  • i know mine-6th Jan 2009.

    Almost framed it I was that relieved!!! lol
  • Quoted:
    i know mine-6th Jan 2009.

    Almost framed it I was that relieved!!! lol

    LOL!!! Almost did the same. Mine was the 26th May.... same week as when we got married (just different year obviously). The day the divorce came through was the happiest day of my life!! image
  • I had to ask my ex where we got married and the date !! but the sod wouldnt tell me!! so I had to get all the registrars tel numbers in west wales area to see if I had got married there and luckily it was the second one I rang !! my friends were hysterical as I was ringing them from work !!
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    I know mine too, 24th November 2005. It is strange because hubby's is 5th September and those dates (not the year but the date) are actually Freddie Mercury's birthday and death day and we met through a Queen fan club !!!
  • h2b didnt know his wedding year or divorce year or year of seperation had to ring the ex to ask before seeing the vicar.
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