how long?

Both my h2b and myself are going to get our papers witnessed by a justice of the peace tomorrow. We both have been separated for over 2 years. We have set a date for 22nd May - will our divorces be granted this year???


  • If you've been legally separated for two years i don't see why not, unless one of your exes kicks up a fuss hun

  • if both of your exes agree to the divorce there should be no problem, im a 2nd timer too
  • thanks everyone - fingers crossed
  • I'm in same position as you, posted a few weeks ago asking similar question. Got mixed responses from others re booking before divorce settled since you never know what can go wrong and it can make it very stressful - might not be ex might be court backlog etc. Fingers crossed for you. I am still waiting to get to where you are = ex has completed and not contested petition (2 yr sep) and insists has sent back to court, but I have not had anything through. Keeping ringing court but no answer. We would like to get married in Aug 2010 have a provisional booking but want to get a bit further with divorce before finalising with deposits if we can!
  • To be honest - when I was in this situation, I found it was far less hassle to sort thru solicitors. Best £200 I ever spent - plus added bonus of never actually having to speak to ex again - whoop!
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    does ex have to send something back to court cos I dont think he has done that yet?
  • Yes, ex has to give formal acknowledgement to the Court that he has received a copy of the petition and has no objection to the divorce application proceeding.

    For 2 years separation you need the consent of your ex who can delay things terribly if they are so minded to do. Only after 5 years separation can you proceed without their consent.
  • I stood over my ex while he signed the papers, even though he didn't like it when he saw the details in print of his unreasonable behaviour! I did mine all myself, didn't want to waste money on solicitors, and I got my decree nisi in 19 days.
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