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Nasty way to decline

We are getting married abroad in just over a month after we decided to go away just the 2 of us but have a huge wedding reception for family and friends when we get home. H2B spoke to his ex about this and told her that he would like to invite the children (aged 9 and 14). She burst into tears for some reason and wouldn't talk about it further.

We haven't sent them the formal invites as yet but he popped round to see the kids the other evening and within minutes his 14yr old son said "by the way, we're not coming to your wedding" and smirked at him. He said it was almost as if he was trying to provoke a response and felt very nasty. I know that it probably says more about his ex than anything else but it felt such an unnecessary thing to do to his Dad who is hurting so much as the ex really restricts his contact with the children.

I just needed to vent!!


  • carmelncarmeln Posts: 19
    awwww you poor thing. Hope you have a good day anyway and maybe they will change their minds nearer the time. Children can be cruel sometimes !

  • Thanks gretnabride! It just sucks but we're trying to focus on the fact that its less than 4 weeks till we get married in Mauritius!!
  • hey secondtimer - how did you get on? Did the kids make it in the end?
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