Hello ladies

I was just wondering if anyone is / has eloped without telling anyone?

Its second time round for both of us and we really don't want any of the pressures that we had last time. We have booked our holiday/wedding and haven't told a sole - including my mum. I was just wondering if anyone else had done this and what reactions they got.

We were also wondering whether we should tell his ex-wife (who he still sees as they have a son) as we're worried about inflaming the situation. My ex is totally out of the picture.

Many thanks


  • mico62mico62 Posts: 241
    Hi Leigh

    We're doing the same thing at Easter. My ex-MIL is the only one who knows when because she's going to mind my kids. My parents live abroad and I don't have much contact with them even when they return to the UK they're too busy to visit so they're off the guest list, 2 of h2b's kids wpm't even talk to me even though I had nothing to do with breakup of marriage - one said if we ever get married she'll either not come or make a scene, so they're off the list too!

    Sounds a bit cold and heartless but we want a day for us wiithout having to worry about others - we both did the big wedding first time around and hardly saw our new husband/wife because we were too busy checking everyone else was having a good time.

    We're going to deal with the fallout when we get back.

    Good luck x
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