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Second time to the same man...

Yes. Me and the ex are back together,and have been engaged for a week now.

I feel more in love with him now,than when i first met him in 1998. He has been a great support to me and the children in these past few months,and we both couldnt help falling in love all over again.

We havent set a date in stone yet,but if not 2010 then 2011. We dont want to get into debt or rush it.

Everyone is thrilled to bits for us. image


  • GlitterBug09GlitterBug09 Posts: 2,894
  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    Thank you so much GlitterBug09 xx
  • Black-RoseBlack-Rose Posts: 4,305
    Why did you split up with him the first time round ? What you have to consider is are all those problems sorted out now. I know, no matter what, I could never go back with my ex.

    I hope you have sorted out all those things which made you split up and you can find happiness the 2nd time round.

    Stan Laurel (from Laurel and Hardy) married the same woman 4 times !!!!

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    Yes Blackrose, the problems are all sorted out and in the past, alot of the problem was i couldnt come to terms with looseing my dad,and i turned in to a very nasty piece of work, imageops: thinking life was so unfair. I just completley lost the plot, so no wonder we had problems.

    I am coming to terms with things with help now. xx
  • congratulations!!! if you together this long something must be right! good luck with all the planning image have fun!
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    Well I wish you all the happiness in the world. My father passed away 5 years ago, it was my mother who was ill so his passing was a terrible shock and it was at this time that my husband of 20 years decided it was a great time to end our marriage. I am so glad you are getting the help you need and that you have a lovely understanding man to stand by you and give you a second chance at happiness.

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    Well things are going really well, and our date is September 1st next year 2011.

    He is being a star, and understanding. Looking forward to next year so much. So are the family. xx image
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    Congratulations - very pleased for you! image
  • congrats!! you two are meant to be together image
  • Congratulations!! That's lovely to hear image
  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    Every thing is going great, and looking forward to August 23rd 2012. Change of plan last year as my step daughter gave birth to her first child, a boy last June. image . So six and a half month to go,and Tom is still being a star. Bless him.xx image
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    oooh not too long to go now then image. congratulations. As long as you are happy and your family are happy for you then that's all that matters. People change and grow and alot of the time you may not be right for each other at a particular time in your lives but if you are meant to be you will find a way back to each other. Me and my partner were 14 when we met and we broke up lots of times between the ages of 14 and 16 because we were so young and not mentally ready for that commitment but I always knew he was the one and we never stopped loving each other. We are now almost 22 and getting married january 2013:. Once again Congratulations.
  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    congratulations, what a lovely heart warming story. I'm so pleased for you image
  • awww thats lovely. Good for you. congratulations. Sometimes it takes to loose something to make you realize how special it was xx image xxx
  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662
    Thank you ladys. We both feel blessed that we have been given a second chance. He's really looking forward to the wedding. He isnt the kind of groom to really take a big part in the planning, but if there is something he doesnt like he'll say,lol. x image
  • MrsDMDaviesMrsDMDavies Posts: 1,794 New bride
    Aw bellington I have just read this for the first time and had no idea what your story was, how lovely! Wishing you both a very long and happy marriage together, sounds like it was meant to be and I bet you appreciate each other so much more 2nd time around.

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Thanks ladys. image

    Well 18 days to go, and h2b is being a rock for me as usual. image

    Just be glad when the dat is here now.


  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Here we are on our special day image


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    Congratulations Jayne- you looked beautiful image x

  • bellingtonbellington Posts: 1,662

    Thank you JodielouW

    I felt so comfy in my dress, i didnt want to take it off. image

                                   Jayne.x image

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