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2nd time(big dress)

hi, im getting married 9th June at registry office. Its a lovely room holds 40 people,(we have managed to invite 39.........) im having a lovely dress with small train, tiara and veil (the works) apparantly just because your getting married in a registry office alot of people think you just have a small dress and a few people but ive made the most of it (it reals feels right now) didnt feel like this 1st time round (guess im older and wiser now............anyone else having the works for registry office........


  • emmalouisetemmalouiset Posts: 1,291
    Hi, we're having a civil ceremony in a small stately home but I'm having a big "frock"! Am not having a veil as it's December and I don't want it blowing round like a mosquito net in a hurricane so am having a very sparkly tiara and a beautiful fur shrug. I say go for it!
  • cat69800cat69800 Posts: 31
    I'm doing the whole 'big dress' thing as well for the 2nd time around - we're getting married at a hotel but it was the one and I knew that I had to do it. I was very young the first time around and didn't really have much say, but I made the choice this time and I am SOOOO happy about it. We need to do what feels right and not what we think others want. I'm not having a veil either, for the same reason!
  • Hi there,

    I hear what your saying re the older and wiser bit, i got married young, i got married at a register office, with a lovely Ivory dress, thin straps, and it came down to the ankles with some beautiful embroidery on the bust... its my 2nd time round and am doing this is jamaica at a location yet to be decided, and i think as long as it feels right to you, you do it, its your day, even if you wish to wear a blanket, (this might be odd) and you feel good, and this will stick out as the most happiest day of your life, to hell with what anyone thinks, i have not started looking at dresses yet,fo me, it wont be the big white wedding, but i will wear a cream or ivory, and something cool, as the weather is bound to be spectacular and hot..

    All the best for your day.image
  • xTIGRESSxxTIGRESSx Posts: 1,278

    Well I say go for it! As long as you feel comfortable then wear wot you want. im going for seperate bodice top n long skirt with sml train as its in a hotel that's got a small wedding chapel but no veil as i just don't like them lol. Hope your day goes well n u have a fantastic time!

    luv n hugs x 8)

  • stkezstkez Posts: 2,247
    Im having a big dress , gettin married in a hotel.

    I dont care what people think, this marriage is the real deal. I got married WAYYYY too young and in the depths of depression due to loss of my father i hold my hands up and admit I married because I was scared of being left with nothing.

    This time its the full monty and the groom is the man of my dreams..

    Big deal = Big dress !!
  • vickycvickyc Posts: 296
    OMG!!! i'm getting married on 9th june in little reg office that is stunning (holds 30) and having the big dress and everything (except viel cos i didn't like it)!! and its my 2nd time round too

    how freaky is that??
  • sammyjoeuksammyjoeuk Posts: 3,596
    Big dress or small dress?? You can wear whatever you want, its your big day after all! I am getting married in Hawaii, my h2b has been married before in a registery office, so aboard was the way to go!! Enjoy it!

  • I'm getting married next June for the second time. I got married in the Domincan Republic the first time and had a lovely bodice and long skirt (dress). My H2B is a traditional kind of guy and wants the whole church thing - so we're going for it. I'm going to have the big white dress and all the trimmings. Don't grt me wrong my first wedding was beautiflu but I know this will be bigger and better and my dad will be so proud walking down the aisle.


  • vickymukvickymuk Posts: 53
    Well i'm in a bit of a different situation as i'm renewing my wedding vows in october, but my original wedding was in a registery office and i had the full dress with veil etc, i had my step daughter as a bridemaid and they even let my dad walk me into the room so it was even more special.
  • mand64mand64 Posts: 34
    I'm getting married for the 2nd time (H2B is a first-timer) in a 50's-style posh frock and he'll be in his kilt, we're having a civil service. Last time it was an 80's Bo-Peep frock (c/w blue bows!) in church. My 2 sons will be there in place of my (sadly deceased) parents, along with his parents & our Best Man Best Woman & their partners.
  • hi,

    this is my 2nd time roung too, i got married in Barbados first time round and i look back at the photos in horror, my dress was awful! 2nd time round we're getting married in a hotel and i am having the full works, veil and all!

  • sonjayuksonjayuk Posts: 137
    It doesn't matter, big or small whatever u want! This will be my second marriage and my h2b is a first timer too - we're getting married in Montego Bay Jamaica in December 2008 and I won't be having a big dress bcoz I did the first time around. I'll be wearing an off the shoulder pale pink organza wedding gown embroidered with crystals on the bodice and on the bottom of my train though I'm not sure about a veil yet - this wedding is very special because I swore I would never get married again but I am so glad I am, I've never been happier and I intend to look fabulous! Everyone enjoy your day when it comes because I certainly will!!
  • I say wear what you want as it's your day. Who sets these unwritten rules anyway?

    I'm going 2nd time around in a registry office (Aug 2008), with full dress, train and tiara - no veil as I can't be arsed! Our registry holds 40 like yours and has a lovely archway leading out the back garden for pictures so I want to have a decent wedding dress for that!
  • locobelocobe Posts: 253
    Hi, my mum got married 2nd time around in a registry office with full wedding gown and all the works. She was 45 at the time and looked absolutley stunning. She didn't get the big deal the first time around when marrying my dad (again regisrty office but only 2 witnesses and no gown) so why not. She glowed on her day and was beautiful. I say go for it xx
  • LilliukLilliuk Posts: 55
    I'm getting married for the second time around and to the lady who said it feels different this time, I know exactly what you mean!! This is the man of my dreams and I couldn't be happier!!

    Don't forget though girlies, it's not just about the day, it's about spending the rest of your life together with the man you love so whether you decide to celebrate that fact in a big dress, small dress, or bin liner it's all immaterial really. Just be happy and feel beautiful. xx
  • Its my second marriage, my htb's first, the first time round, Register Office, this time full works at a castle....woo hoo.!!
  • IMO my wedding (22/08/07) was as important as my first. in fact truth be told more important as this one is the real thing (we have been together 11 years, ex and me only managed 6!) and it is my husbands first marriage too

    so we did the whole thing, bridesmaids (our daughters) flowers, frock, gift lists everything.

    and i am glad i did - i felt such a princess on the day

  • AEJAEJAEJAEJ Posts: 898
    My htb and I are both second timers. First time for both of us was in our teens and both small registry do's in "smart" clothes lol.

    Its funny but from the moment he proposed I knew I wanted the works, the big lavish do and he says he felt exactly the same. So we're having 100 guests, a full sit down dinner, champagne reception, fireworks etc etc and we're paying for it all ourselves.
  • Im having the big dress 2nd time around in our wedding at a registry office next month, but not having a veil as i dont like them.
  • Although i've been with my partner 10 years, i was married before, he hasn't, ever since i've booked the venue, i've felt nervous/excited, i didn't the first time round.!!
  • I got married really young, had a dress and bridesmaids but all on the cheap, reception was a buffet me and my mum had to do on the morning of the wedding. I did stay married for 22 years and have 2 gorgeous daughters though. H2B was the same married at 18 and was married for 27yrs.

    I'm getting married in Aug 09 and I'll be 48 and I am going to have the works and all the trimmings and I don't care what anyone else says, I have met my soul mate and I want to shout it to the world.;\)
  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    Go for whatever you want.

    This is my 3rd and H2B 2nd.

    1st was shotgun wedding, with a horrible grey suit, grey hat, red shoes and handbag........can't believe how bad it looks now, but looked ok at the timellllllllll

    2nd time was in church,with lovely dress that my auntie made, but that was the only thing I took interest in.

    This time, I have got a dress that I love. Getting married in lovely hotel by my Minister, having all my family and friends to celebrate with me.

    But most importantly, marrying the man I love.

    I get remarks from a few people that it is a past time for me, but they don't know the heartache I've been through in my life, and this is the first time I've really been exited about anything, and totally totally in love with someone so I'm going for everything I want and sod everyone else.

    Your opinion and that of your H2B are the only things you should worry about.

    Good luck x
  • Hi

    I've never been on a chat room before.

    I married at 20, widowed at 40 and have met a great guy over the internet. He has been married before..We are intending to marry next Sept in a hotel I'll be 48 and fancy a pretty dress. I have a granddaughter and some nieces who want to be Bridesmaids.

    Can you have Bridesmaids if its not a church?
  • Hi, i'm getting married for the second time, h2b second time also. We are getting married in a hotel and i'm having a full-on beautiful ivory dress with train (not veil as the dress says it all) and my daughter and step-daughter (both 13) are to be my bridesmaids. H2b, my father, bestman and my son (whose 5) are wearing kilts!

    I agree if you feel like a princess in the dress then go for it!
  • When its 2nd time you feel much more in control, probably paying for stuff yourself so go for it. Lets face it - what better excuse for "dressing up" , and being proud to be the centre of attention.
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