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second time bride, sooooooo exited!

Hello everyone,

I have just joined, thought i would tell you my story.

At 42 and a professional woman, with 2 grown up sons I thought marriage was ...well not on the menu!

My partner and I are both divorced and have been together almost 9 years, this year we have had a shocking year and an exceedingly busy one, started a new business, then moved 200 miles away from family for that new business.

april my only sister got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 38, she passed away a few weeks ago now 21 october 2009, as you can imagine the feelings of almost watching your baby sister be taken with cancer is not easy, in fact it was down right shocking and cruel.

one morning shortly after the funeral, i was in the shower and to my dread I discovered a lump in my breast, infact there was a few.

terrified I went to the GP, turns out it is not serious, but that made us think.. life is for living and not putting off what we should do, so with that in mind we decided to get married, then came the shock the date...... we thought to round off a crappy year with something fantastic! so we are getting married on 31/12/2009. yes thats right this year in gretna green at 1800 hours,(6PM) I am thrilled, shocked and scared, we have 20 guests our close family, every thing is booked but the dress!

Can I find one I like....NO!!! at 42 what should one wear should i go for THE FROCK, or keep it simple?

Please help, any advice is most welcome;\)

Dee XX


  • Hi dee67, Sorry to hear your sad news about your sister, that must have been dreadful.

    Brilliant about your wedding date though!! New Years Eve!! Fabulous.

    I was having trouble with a wedding dress as well. No matter where I went, I could not find a thing!! I decided to go to a dress shop in my town and I have got one designed for me, it'll be made to measure and made so I can wear it again. Might be worth giving that a go? The dress shop I went to gave me loads of help as I had no clue exactly what I was looking for until I went there.

    Good luck for your wedding xx:\)
  • Sorry about your sister, but what a great idea to end a bad year with something lovely. I am with you on the dress thinbg though. I will be 55 when I get married next year, so like you fyldelass I think I want something I can wear again - especially on the posh night on our honeymoon cruise! Going to try some on first, but might resort to getting it made.
  • I spent 3 hours last night trawling the internet for ideas, there are so many different styles to choose from, the last thing i need is to look daft in a big floaty frock, or have a slinky number and im freezing all night lol, give me a wooly pully and a pair of grandads old pants and i may have just cracked it,

    failing that I may have to do as you say but will I have the time? how long does it take to have one made?

    thanks XXXX
  • Congratulations on your engagement. A New Year's Eve wedding, how magical! A friend of mine got married in December, and she went for the ice queen look, she looked stunning and glamourous. I have some bridal magazines that have done articles on winter weddings, with the cool ice theme (silver, white and light blues). Gretna Green will be beautiful that time of year too, possibly snow!! New Year's Eve wedding in bonnie Scotland, it will be fab. I've just read a moment ago that you can have favours from Cancer Research UK, direct from their website. I'm thinking of doing this, as my H2B mother died from liver cancer, and my grandfather died from prostate cancer 10 months ago.

    I struggled with a wedding dress, as I thought I wanted a simple and sophisticated dress. After trying many on, simple dresses looked awful on me. IS dresses suited me well, the more flamboyant the better, to my surprise. I have chosen a pale, chalky, yellow dress, which is not a traditional colour, yet it is a wedding dress.

    It is best to try many different styles. You still have time on your side so have fun choosing your dress. Can't wait to hear when you have found 'the one'. xx
  • Congratulations!! How lovely to get married on New years Eve.

    The first thing I would do is go to the shops. Try some dresses on, eventually you will find out which cut, style, colour suits you best.

    Go to as many shops as you can, speak to the assistants and you will be surprised what knowledge they can offer you.

    Don't be put off if you don't find anything on your first day, you will find THE dress eventually. I think a Winter Wedding is beautiful and definitely a glamorous affair ie. Swarovski crystals, diamonds, tiaras, white silk, silver sequins, etc etc. It will be magical!!

    I wouldn't worry too much about the cold, you won't even feel it with all the adrenalin of your wedding going on, (plus all the alcohol consumed afterwards, ha ha).

    Let us know how you get on

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    Hi, I get married on the 30th this year! i am truly sorry for your loss this year but very pleased for you that it made you both realise life is just too short to waste a moment of it. i also think that you should wear whatever you want to wear. i dont think age or the fact you've been married before should enter into it at all. this is a new start for you both together. why not go and try some different wedding dress styles on and see if you feel comfortable in any of them before you dismiss the idea of having one. there are some very stunning dresses out there, i'm sure theres one waiting for you. if nothing else you'll have a great time trying them on! good luck and best wishes for your big day.
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    Hi, There are lots of lovely sample wedding dresses on sale in wedding shops at the moment as they get their stock cleared out ready for the new SS10 designs - you wouldn't need to wait for it to be made and can have somethingreally glamorous for a fraction of the cost. Don't worry about whether it's appropriate - have what you want - I'm 47 and having an ivory dress. x
  • Hi,

    As its new years eve too why dont you go for something covered in sparkles - like what Stacey wore in the x-factor once...

    Hope this works!!!!

    Good luck - not long to go now!!!!

  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    Hey dee67 - how's the dress hunt going??
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