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Hi all

There are on this forum a couple of posts about whether 2nd timers should/shouldn't have the big dress etc but is anyone that is on their 2nd (or beyond) wedding adhering to the something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue stuff? or indeed any first timers...

Part of me doesn't want to because I want to do things differently, but now people have got used to me having a proper dress, they all seem to be expecting it.



  • Im a second timer & to a certain extent Im having something old/new/borrowed/blue....My dress will be new, my mum & grandmothers rings are my old (which I will be wearing on my right hand) & my something blue will be a little note from each of my BM written in blue & sewn to the inside of my gown...........havent thought of anything to borrow!!! But then being that my second time is far from traditional, I might just pick the bits I want!!!

    All I can suggest is to do what you want, thats the beauty of second + time, you dont have to stick to tradition necessarily nor do you have to invite all those people you didnt want to or knew last time!

    Pinky x
  • alicattukalicattuk Posts: 36
    If I can find things that work for me, I will, but I'm not going to stress about it.

    The old bit is easy - ME! image

  • francybfrancyb Posts: 586
    i am on my third, i have something old - the htb is pretty ancient image no actually my mums ring, something new my very posh frock, something blue my sapphire engagement ring and something borrowed....thats the problem......and i am certainly not wearinga sixpence in my shoe.....comfortable feet thats what you absolutely have to have and things in shoes don't do it for me.

    choose the bits you want its all a bit of fun anyway isnt it?
  • It depends on you! If you can't find anything that suits you or the day then don't go along with it. At the end of the day its your (our) day and if you don't want something then fair enough and everyone has to respect your wishes. I did the old/new/blue thing my first time arond but I'm not too bothered this time. I'll only have it if fits in with the day.


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