Church Blessing

I'm a bit of a cheat being here because I'm already married!

Here's the story....... we'd lived together for 10 years, always meant to get married but never got around to it.

We'd both been married before I'm 40 something and other half 50 ish.

Last year other half had a heart attack (not too severe and all mended now thank goodnes.)

He decided he wanted us married asap so just before Christmas we went with my two children and did it.

We both attend church and felt we would like to have our marriage blessed and lots of friends around after for a party.

Therefore we are doing it in june. A quiet church service, lunch for family and party in evening.

I'm wearing a nice long dress, nothing too grand. the rest is like a wedding with a cake etc.

Family and friends flying in from America and Ireland.

Panicking now that It's a bit over the top. A few people have comented that it is usual to have a marriage and blessing close together. But we had to organise family etc to be here.

perhaps we should have had the blessing quietly too!!


  • reetsmorganreetsmorgan Posts: 514
    No, no,no, no do not have a quiet blessing, I think you should have as much frills, cake, dancing & over the topness as you can manage. After all what is there in the celebrating of your union to keep quiet about. Go for it. congratulations wishing you all the best for the future.
  • MrsSomshor2BMrsSomshor2B Posts: 320
    No just do it dont listen to other people you do it your way its your day
  • Thanks for your comments, just getting a little stressed I think, trying to get everything organised. I'm not going to do this again so I just want it to be right!!!
  • post6post6 Posts: 146
    Do not worry!

    We have had a civill ceremony first as we are living now in Germany. But our very big day we will have July 14. We are both 44 and my husband was married before. But we will have a big wedding with a very large red dress and suit made for using later at the Vienna Opera Ball.

    we will celbrate with only a few guests (30) but in the best Hotel in Stuttgart.

    His ex will be there too. Although I cannot understand how someone can cheat to another in the way she did during their marriage.

    But we are not too old to have our special day.But: I would never wear a white dress as I am feeling too growwn up although I would have no problem to go through as an early thirtier!
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