Feeling invisible

Hi all... I just discovered your group & felt it would be a safe place to vent.

This is my second wedding, I was divorced way back in 1982, raised my kids myself and really struggled financially the whole way. Now my kids are grown, happy, successful & married and I've met a fabulous guy that everyone really loves. All are happy for me.

Here's my issue.

My three sisters are my bridesmaids & I've got lots of supportive girlfriends. But no-one has offered to help me with wedding planning or shop with me or offered to have a wedding shower/hen party for me. Many ask if I've chosen my dress or how the planning is going -- but when I say that I need some help.. all of a sudden they are too busy. Two of my sisters live out of the country.. so I can't really ask them for much help.

My H2B is very supportive and we did the invitations together & have made quite a few plans, but there is lots of stuff he just doesn't care about. He just says plan it how you would like - my love.

I don't know if I'm over reacting or just being sensitive..... but I sure could use a few words of support.


  • mrsajomrsajo Posts: 66
    Hi Stella

    Get your feeling too. Have had two kids, brought three up, one inherited from present partner struggled financially and sixteen years after getting divorced am getting married.I get the impression that because I am a bit older and its second time around that I know what I am supposed to do and am supposed to get on with it whatever!!!!!!! This time Im having a fantastic wedding and lots more planning but there is nobody to share my needs (apart from H2B sometimes!) Ive been thinking this for a while and I dont know either when or who is going to help. Maybe its a long way off 16.08.08 but still I wish someone would take some sort of an interest.Perhaps we are a bit overexcited at the prospect of our wedding and someone will take an interest nearer the time


  • Hi mrsajo - I'm so glad to hear from you. Maybe that's it. I'm older & I'm always the way one who was the "doer". I've got just over 3 months till our wedding... and I guess I'll just enjoy the ride with my H2B. He's such an awesome guy and we're going to have a fun wedding & a great honeymoon to Japan. After all, it IS all about us two, right! Good to chat with you. hugs Stella
  • EMMIE101ukEMMIE101uk Posts: 220
    Just ask for help, i found that everyone thinks that someone else is helping and dont want to tread on other peoples toes
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