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too old for a veil????

Hey there

I posted a topic last week to say I had really bad sun burn and strap lines on my back and as I was wearing a halter neck dress I had a problem!! After 2 St tropez tanning sessions my back is much better but you can still see the straplines. The only solution I can think of is to wear a veil. My dress is straight and would suit a veil but I have the wedding bible book and some 'expert' in there said that to wear a veil second time around is silly! Also I am 44 and wonder if I am too old??? My dress is chic and a proper wedding dress and I am a young looking 44 but I wonder if people will think I am mutton dressed as lamb... what does anyone else think?? Am I being neurotic here?!! All comments welcome. Thanks guys.


  • NonNon Posts: 495
    hi lesley, when do you get married? is there no chance strap marks will fade enough? this is only my personal opinion but im not a great fan of veils full stop! they look lovely on lots of brides but i think they can sometimes detract away from a chic dress.
  • Hi Vek

    Not much chance I'm afraid. I get married in 4 weeks and the burnt part of my back is really dark and the straplines were white! After 2 sessions it is much better but really doesn't look like even a fake tan is going to cover it enough to get away with a halter neck dress so really don't have much option. Thought i might go for a veil that hangs from back of hair straight down and at least doesn't distract from the front of the dress ... have fitting on Saturday so will try some veils on then and see what they look like - cannot think of anything else except buying another dress but I really like the one I have plus can't really afford it - ho hum!
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    veil is definitely going to best option then - im sure it will look gorgeous. i dont think youre too old for one by the way its just personal taste.

    4 weeks to must be soooooo excited!!
  • It may be second time round for me, but I'm still opting for veil - and I'm going for the whole big down to the ground and floating along the floor behind me look.

    It's what you feel comfortable in.

    WOW - 4 weeks to go, I'm the week after you - 5 to go.

    Have a try in the shop tomorrow - there are loads of styles out there, and even if you do pick a veil, you don't have to wear the front over your face.

    Good luck

    SFG x
  • i think you should wear one if you want to - you can get a shortish one and wear it low down in your hair so it goes down the back and looks less froo froo so as not to detract away from your dress!

    if all else fails a bit of benefit hoola powder is great at covering strap lines!!!
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  • At the end of the day it's down to personal preference and if you want to wear a veil and you feel comfy in it then go for it! people have different ideas. I'm 21 but my mother said she wouldn't have me getting married with a viel because I've been living with my fella, for crying out loud how daft. ANYWAY enough of that. From what I have read veils are traditionaly meant to bring good luck and keep naughty spirits away from the bride so it's not just for virgin/first time/young brides could always go with what xmasbride2b suggested with the short veil idea it'll look lovely!

  • Hi Guys

    Thanks for all your comments and suggestions, they have really helped. I went and had a dress fitting yesterday and tried a veil - it looked fantastic! Took by best mate with me who is known for telling the truth even if it sucks and she said there is no way I can wear the dress without a veil cos it looks that good!! Am soooooooooooooooooooooo happy!! Ironically - had 3rd session of tanning and the straplines have almost gone as well, so either way I can choose what I do! However, 44 or not, second time round or not I am defintely opting for the veil because it completes the outfit and looks terrific. 25 days to go!! Doesn't it come round quickly! Stress Free girl - good luck with your big day the week after mine and Vek - thanks for the support. Have great days girls!

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    if u want to wear 1 then do but dont do it jus cos u need to.

    as for the strap marks i wouldnt worry too much cos they are on ur bac and arent gonna b in the pics are they?

    if other ppl think u look like "mutton dressed as lamb" then thats their problem not urs so long as u are happy.

    i dont like veils personally but thats cos i dont like things on my face (even my own hair).

    enjoy ur day no matter wat.
  • Hi!

    i dont like things on my face either and I am havinga veil butit will not be on my face!! I have a cathedral length veil that was made for me and I will wear it in a 1920's type style butwith a modern twist.

    If you want to wear a veil do it!! Remember dont worry what other people think......its not their day!!
  • I'll be 40 when i get married again, and i'm having a veil.!!
  • hiya, lovely reading am renewin vows with hubby april 09, and was worried about wearing dress and veil with being 45yrs old. I couldnt afford to wear proper dress 1st time round due to lack of funds and cant wait to have a big proper do this time.
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    I am marrying in april 2009, for the 2nd time and will be a young 46 by then, I am having a traditional ivory wedding dress and wondered about a veil? h2b asked if I was wearing he would like me too!!!...Hmmm, not sure how I should take that! :\?

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