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Second for me, first for him!! Hull wedding and need help

Hi girls, I am getting married in Hull 2011, its my second time around but my H2B first. I want small and intimate and he wants it all!!!!

As its my second, my parents cant help pay so its all us. My H2B lost his job after the birth of our baby a yr ago image

We are looking for something small, intimate and not too expensive. Alot of my family have to travel from the south so would need somewhere with accomadation.

We have looked at Lazaat and love it but maybe too expensive??? Now looking at Driffield, H2B has family there so thats one lot that dont have to travel!!

Any ideas.........................................................


  • EmzillarEmzillar Posts: 444
    Hiya, we are getting married this year in hull.

    We have chosen Village hotel in Hessle, they do package deals, £3000 for weekends and £1000 for weekdays - we went for the weekend option. As it is a hotel the accomadation is their ready and waiting.

    For the deal we got it includes:

    Red carper on arrival!

    Getting married there (they also provide flowers for the top of the aisle)

    Wedding breakfast for 50 guests which is a 3 course meal, and a drink package of 3 drinks per person.

    Disco & buffet on the night to cater for 100 people - you pay for your dj seperate but they have a "in house dj" so prices are good.

    the buffet offers 6 food options per head so more than enough!

    Free Hooneymoon suite with bed and breakfast, and free use of the gym (if you feel up to it after partying away all night!)

    Also guests get a duscount for rooms.

    You get the first floor shut off for just you and your guests which was important to us as we didn't want any randomr just walking on in!

    If you need help on low cost wedding dressess too, i would reccomend Hornsea Freeport's wedding shop i got my dress from there at a quarter of the actual price!

    There is also hull Uni that do wedding deals, Hull theatre and a village pub but i can not remember the name of it from the top of my head!

    If you need any help with finding things i'll be more than happy to help by reccomending things to you (chair cover hire / wedding cake)

    Hope i have been of some help. x
  • HI image

    I have been to the village for my works xmas lunch, didnt think much of the food but someone else went to a wedding there and they said it was great!!

    Have tried looking online for their wedding packs but cant find one, might have to email them lol

    I have seen a dress on ebay... new and custom made to fit me as well as my bridesmaids, all under 80 each!

    Wedding cake and chair covers are things I havent looked at yet.

    I want a plum color with crystals and fairy theme!

    the children will have fairy wands instead of bouquets and i will have a crystal bouguet, at least they can keep em after lol
  • peyiapeyia Posts: 47
    Gardeners Arms at Coniston do wedding packages, my friend had hers there. There is also accommodation at the back. Don't know how much. They have new management, who are very helpful and friendly. You will find the number in Hull Yellow pages.
  • EmzillarEmzillar Posts: 444
    We tried the sample menu for the wedding package and it was lovley so maybe they make more effort for weddings lol image

    Dianne - that was the pub place i was thinking of 'Gardeners Arms' Heard nice things about that although some said it looked abit dated but if it is under new managments they may have altered a few things.

    Are the dresses on ebay from China if so there are a few hit and miss storys on here so just be weary.

    I've made my daughter a wand for our wedding, they are great image
  • hi emzilla,

    dont suppose u know if they have family rooms etc?? the hotel we were going to book dont allow children to stay image

    my sister got her bridesmaid dresses from the same seller and they were great image
  • Have you looked at Hull University, not sure how you would feel about it but during none semester times you can get married at the lawns or thwaite hall you can use the dorm rooms.

    I booked lazaat yesterday and it is lovely, but they have waived the room hire for 2011 onwards if that helps any xx
  • we looked at the uni, really nice but i really want somewhere were people can stay. looking at the holiday inn on the marina soon as my dad is into yachts so thought that would make nice photos and they can sleep the right people through interconnecting rooms!

    not what i wanted but i suppose i'll have to compromise
  • hi, we booked the holiday inn for next year they are so helpful and you really do get a good deal they have family rooms [my son and his wife and 3 sons are staying for £49 per room and thats with breakfast for all 5 of them] our family are from birmingham so we will need a few rooms but on booking and paying £250 deposit sammy will provisinaly book rooms for you honestly she is so helpful and will accomodate you and your budget [also the kids will be able to have a swim too] hope this helps xx our day is only costing £1200 plus the registra [tip ...... book your registra very soon as we had to book ours last year for 2011 and the only time they had left was 3.30 for that day,this will cost you £20 non refundable but at least you will get your venue and registra all booked together]
  • thanks image

    i spoke to holiday inn yest but sammy was busy with an appointment so couldnt see me (finally booked one) but the man at the desk said they dont have family rooms big enough for 2 adults and 3 kids so would have to be interconnecting rooms and would have to pay for 2 rooms image

    all my family travelling up from ipswich so having the same problems with room etc!!
  • Red82Red82 Posts: 58

    I got married at Rudstone walk last year, its intimate, well staffed and we had the most perfect day!
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