Advice needed from people in similar situations

My other half and I have 2 children together and he has 2 from his first marriage. We have them every Saturday and they stay every Saturday night-which is not the problem. The problem is Football. I gave up my job in September last year to look after the children so I now work on Saturdays to get some extra cash-I dont do this by choice! Every Sunday throughout the Football season my other half takes his 2 boys to Football matches which they play in, my other half is the Manager. This only started when they were old enough to play about 4 years now. Im not particuarly impressed with this but live with it because he enjoys it. Even annoys me more as his Ex wife decides to turn up and watch-Which I think is a bit weird and dont like. this basically leaves me at home most Sundays with our 2 children who are younger. My other half works long hours so I hardly get to see him bearing in mind I have to work on Saturdays and he is out most Sundays. I breathed a sigh of relief when I knew the football season was coming to an end. But then the bomb shell. He has decided to enter Tournaments one a month until the beginning of August. He will still continue to do training every Wednesday with his other boys. He is out tonight at the Football presentation eveing out Sunday at a tournament, out next Wednesday at training again and out with work on Thursday night. he also failed to tell me that the boys would be staying Friday night as well as Saturday night as the Presentation evening will go on unitl late so he wont be able to take them home. (I have to be up at 430am) Im feeling a bit p****d off with him as I feel like a skivvy and just a glorified house keeper. I cant even get him to see my point and just find myself getting even more annoyed. Any advice???????


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    Have you considered going to some of these events yourself, maybe take the younger chidlren with you and watch from the side lines and make it more of a family affair??? or maybe arrange a babysitter for the younger two and go to the presentation??? sorry if this doesn't help Vicky
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    yes tried all that but to be honest our youngest are only 4 and 18months so if its wet its a nightmare and they get soaked or too cold in the winter months. I have to put my sensible Mum head on in that respect but value your suggestions
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    unfortunalty I dont have any family and friends near by so Baby Sitting normally involves a 40minute round trip to get to my Mums, which we could do but I will have to go that way in the morning as I work there too.
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    I am in a similar situation it is hard when you feel like you dont see each other and then he appears to have other priorities
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    It got worse the Ex Wife turned up at the evening football presentation. Even after my h2b specifically requested that the guy he runs football with did not invte her she is such a stirrer. Fair play to h2b as soon as he found out she was going he decided not to go.
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    I do sympathise, am in similiar situation and have no parents nearby to help out - why on earth is the football season in the winter months anyway? Now we can all go and watch, the youngest can run around with weather being better theyre not training now - seems madness!!

    When kids are involved unfortunately the ex never quite feels like the ex do they?
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    your telling me. it will certainly become interesting when our Son wants to do something other than football.....

    H2b and kids have a game the day after our wedding. Iv told hil if he goes it will be the fastest anulment!!!!
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    Let the kids go but definatley not him!!!! He wouldnt dare - would he?

    Im lucky as its not H2B whos into football but the boys, unfortunately its me that stands there watching them, (well when hes not working that is) the team that my boy plays for have just asked when my youngest wants to join (hes only 2) as theyve just started training sessions from age 3

    aaaaaaaaaaghhhh!!! No, do you ever pray for them to grow up???
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