Miskin Manor availability this year- £1000 towards your wedding


We have had to postpone our wedding, so my wedding date on the Sat 7th August 2010 at the Miskin manor Cardiff is now available. If anyone wants to take our place we will give up our £1000 deposit to you- so you have £1000 off. Have a look, its a very beautiful venue and we had to book it two years in advance to get the availability.


I will lose this deposit anyway, but this way someone can have £1000 towards their wedding. A £1000 is a lot of money to have towards your wedding day. Obviously you would still need to sign the Miskin manor terms and conditions like you do with any venue.

Let me know if your interested! If not, I hope you have a lovely wedding day and are as happy and me and my hubby to be are!


contact [email protected]
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