Re-newel or blessing what happens on the day??


I got married last August and had a fab day only thing was it wasnt my "dream wedding", I had wanted to get married in cyprus but my hubbies parents wouldnt come and i felt it important for them to be at the wedding so we opted for a wedding in the UK. We have now decided to either re-new our vows or have a blessing in May 2012 in Cyprus, we are inviting our friends and family and if they come thats great if they dont there loss lol!!!1

anyway I just wondered what happens at a re newel or a blessing is it exactly like the wedding ie father walks you down the isle etc,

Im not wanting a big grand affair I had that last year! I just want a simple ceromony next to the beach (i am going to the Kefalos village hotel in Cyprus who have a Gazebo right next to the beach)followed by some piccies and then a meal.

Look forward to hearing from anyone who has re-newed there vows or had a blessing or is doing the above.

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    Hi hun, I haven't renewed my vows or anything but I could imagine you can do your blessing or renewal any way you like, it can be as big or as small as you so wish. Have you picked up any brochures from travel agents? Me & h2b originally planned to get wed in Florida & I got some brochures and they are a good source of information. Also have you posted this on the married message board? If not might be an idea as someone might be have done it on there. Hope this makes sense & its not rubbbish to you just wanted to help if I could. Hope you have a fabulous day however you decide to do it x image
  • I'm wanting to do this image

    h2b & i wanted to get married in Turkey but knew a lot of the family wouldnt/couldnt come so we opted for a wedding in the uk. We have however decided to have a re-newel/blessing abroad but think we may go for somewhere like mexico in about 5 yrs time ! I know its a long way off but its gonna take some saving as I want to stay somewhere 5* & having been before I want my h2b & my kids do everything like i did i.e swim with dolphines etc i know its costly ! (anyway i am babbling) but i will keep my eye on this post or any useful infor i can pass on i will !
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