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Wedding now all coming together everything organized, dress picked (which i love) ,,,,Now im starting to feel guilty about how much it costs, as it is my second marriage my first wedding i had a hire dress and just picked it for quickness Have i spent to much,Have i wasted money,Should i change it for a cheaper one lol this is one delema i didnt think i would have lol lol .Anyone else feel guilty about how much there dress cost??????? OH forgot to say price is £900 less a few pounds lol. image


  • I wore my mothers wedding dress first time around as we were broke, this time I have spent £1000 on a dress, which is very unusual but really suits me. It's definatly a wedding dress, but not white or ivory as I looked awfull in them. I feel really guilty about the money as we are not well off, and having a cheaper alternative style wedding. The dress was more than a quarter of our budget!

    However, it's wonderful to find something that is very me, to wear on the most special of days. I shall look back at it and smile each time.
  • My first dress was made by by then (now ex) husband's aunt and cost £75. I hated it! So, this time I've spent £600 on the dream dress - and yes, I feel guilty! I think that we are hardwired to feel guilt at spending money on ourselves, but what the hell - we deserve to look good even if it is our second time, we've learned from our mistakes and are getting it right this time!
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    If you felt great in the dress in the shop just think how fab you will feel on your day - will you think it's worth it when you are putting in on? Walking down the aisle? I think so - just go for it I reckon.
  • Hi all,

    i really didnt like my 1st dress, just wasnt me plus the fact that my mum and dad picked it cause they were paying for it wasnt good, that was back in 2003. Still trying to get rid of that one lol. It took me ages to find this one but i defo know its the one , i did go along with my mum this time but just asked for an opinion an honest opinion that i knew full well she would give me, and funnily enough she really liked the dress i had picked my first dress in 03 was £400 and I have just paid £900 for this one but i love it.
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    emasmith76 - I could've written your last post myself! I too got married for the first time in 2003, and my mum picked my dress as she was paying for it. It cost £350, and it was ok (I suppose) but it wasn't 'me' at all! This time I have bought the most fantastic dress ever and it cost £900 (there seems to be a bit of a theme here!) and I love it so much! My mum has paid for it again for me, and yes, I do feel a bit guilty about the cost, but my mum loves it too and told me I had to have it!
  • LOL! Don't you worry a BEAN!! LOL! My dress is £2999.00! First time round I wore an oyster colour bridesmaids dress... that was in the sale for £100. I got my veil of ebay for £5. This time I am having what I want! imageimageimage
  • OH Just to add! I never wanted to get married in a white-esque colour. I always wanted to be married in red so I didn't like my 1st dress either! lol! There is a trend here. My dress is now red btw! lol
  • calicopink.. its ironic isnt it, and the fact we made a mistake the first time and have to have an even better dress second time around lol, im getting married 20.aug 2011 how bout you ?

    im defo putting more thought into this wedding than i did 1st time around, just want things to be perfect this time fingers crossed ey x
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    Now that is even spookier, I'm getting married 6 days after you on August 26th!

    1st time round everything was planned in about 3 months, maybe a bit less, and as I was so young (21) and my parents were paying for it all, I felt as though I had to go with what they wanted. Looking back i shouldn't have got married, but we all make mistakes don't we? And I know that this time it will be forever!

    Whereabouts are you getting married?
  • I made my own dress for my second wedding but if i had had to pay for it it would have cost over £1000 . I think second time you should have everything exactly as you want it!!
  • hi all, im defenatley doing it my way this time !!!

    Calicopink.. omg 6 days after us lmao. I live in wolverhampton but were getting married in dudley at the registery office but its a beautiful old house with castle ruins and gorgeous gardens, how bout you ?

    yep me to defo shouldnt of got married ist time, but i did and cant change that now i even moved 100 miles away from my family for that tosser, excuse the french lol, but im well and truly out of it now thank god , defo learnt from my mistakes.

    things happen for a reason.

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    We're getting married at the Holiday Inn Leeds/Bradford in Tong Village, its so not what you expect from a Holiday Inn, I was very sceptical at first but it is beautiful!

    I agree that everything happens for a reason, and if I hadn't met my ex, I wouldn't have my gorgeous son, I just wish that he'd decide to move 100 miles away lol!!!
  • Hi everyone thankyou for all the replys sorry havnt been on again as have been ill.My dress came into shop last week and i went to try it again and i still love it between trying it on again and reading all your replys i dont feel guilty anymore!Yes why should we not have what we want this time round after all putting a lot into organising our big day so yes i do need a wonderfull dress to top it all off lol.My wedding is 18th june and i cant believe its come round so quick im getting so excited now woo hoo xx
  • just thought i would share

    i like most of you hated my first dress it was cheap and just had to do i didnt even get to go and try any on! well they still sell the dress on ebay!

    you can share my pain!

    but this time ive got a fab sophia tolli gown image

    and im the 20th august also!
  • I was 21 when I got married first time and wore a second hand dress bit which I never really felt comfortable in as it had lots of ruffles and roses lol. I am now 42 and was worried about being too old for a fancy dress but I have found the perfect one today a Ronald Joyce bridesmaid dress in ivory - I'm very happy image
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    I got a red dress first time round and didnt like it at all! It was about 500 pounds. Really I wanted a D'Zage dress I couldnt afford as it was 1500 pounds back then and the whole wedding only had a budget of 3000 so I wasnt allowed to get it. My parents hated my ex so didnt want to help out either. Thank god is all I can say though because ....

    I just got it today after finding "THE" dress again on ebay, in perfect condition for a fraction of the price! It is a warm oyster colour with some pearls on the bodice and looks very classy and elelgant, everything my first wedding was not. Plus it will go perfectly with our winter wedding as our colour scheme is red and gold. I would like to believe that there was a reason why I didnt get that dress first time round!
  • Yes I feel terribly guilty but it's done now lol !
  • Hi Ladies, I am getting married on 13th August 2011 . It is my second wedding but my H2B'S First. I have chosen a big fairy princess dress and long cathedral veil. Im worried that people may think that i have gone Over the top. My reason though is that it is my lovely H2B's first wedding so why should he be short changed because my first wedding didnt work out ? Im 37 you think im too old though to pull off a big dress ? image
  • Hi

    First time round my mum made my dress and I hated it. 2nd time round......I went by myself , chose what I wanted and love it!

    Thought I should be restrained as it was 2nd time around...but then...NO!! I am getting married to some-one I love dearly and I want to look my best for him. Ivory strapless dress...with a train...but very simple...and gosh can't believe how good I feel in it! look fab and Im sure you can pull off a big dress...go girl...btw I'm 13th August too!! image
  • My first wedding dress was 30 pounds in the sales, not weddingy at all.

    This time I am going for a fitted lace number with a dramatic cathedral veil! And no guilt at all image
  • It's my 2nd wedding, H2B's first.

    My first wedding, I wore a dress that everyone else said I should wear. The dress was lovely duchess satin, but just not me.

    This time, I did not take anyone dress shopping. I picked my own dress. I am wearing a strapless lace and tulle fishtail dress with train and long cathedral mantilla veil. No guilt whatsoever.
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    Hi ladies. I got married last October for the second time and I had a beautiful Jenny Packham dress which totally blew my budget but I felt a million dollars in it - I'm 49 by the way! You should have what you want, not what other people think you should have - it's YOUR day and it should be the best day of your life. Picture below to illustrtae what I mean image

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    All sounds so familiar - the lady around the corner made my dress first time, didn't really like it - the only good thing was it had a long train .... but my mum said it was 'too showy' and it was cut off!!! I had also asked for a bow on the back (it was 1985) but that had to be taken off as my mum thought it was 'common'.

    This time i am getting a proper wedding dress - it costs £600.
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    wow you look fantastic!
  • I'm the total opposite to most of you, my first dress was an expensive affair, this time I'm going budget, not because I'm worse off but because I'm going to concentrate all my efforts on the marriage NOT the wedding, its one day, I'll look amazing (well, in my head, anyway) and I don't want to be paying for it for years
  • My first dress was £100 in the sale. I liked it at the time, shame same couldn't be said for the waste of space I married! But like others have said... These things happen for a reason. My life path would have been different if I hadn't done the things I did then & would not have met the love of my life who I will marry shortly, wearing my beautiful wedding gown I chose myself costing the same as most of the others on here lol. Mine isn't red tho. I did feel guilty for a while (it's the 'poor single mum {poor as in no money, not poor as in feel sorry for me!} saving up for everything' still in me years later!) but then I thought this is the true marriage I should have had and it's the right person this time so why shouldn't I have what I want? I paid for it. I work hard for my money so sod what anyone else thinks!! My h2b agrees and says it's actually quite inexpensive for a wedding dress!! So I will wear it & feel a million dollars and live happily ever after image

    Sorry for huge post... I got on a roll didn't I?! X
  • I was 21 when I got married the first time, big white dress, church the lot thanks to Mum and Dad. I loved it. I got married the 2nd time round at 45 and had a beautiful blue evening gown. It was sleek and not at all fussy we married in a hotel and we paid for the lot this time (of course). I love that one too. However many times you tie the know it should always be your own choice. Have fun. image
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