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Mums Vow Renewal


My mum is wanting to renew her vows next year on her 11th anniversary, she won't do it this year because I get married in December and she doesn't want to steal my thunder.

I've offered to plan the whole things for her on a tight budget of £800-£1000.

I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice as to what is important in a renewal as oppose to a first time wedding? xxx image


  • MrsCarter2beMrsCarter2be Posts: 432
    I think it depends what she wants, its her day and she needs to decide how big, where and when she wants her vow renewal ceremony.

    A friend of mine renewed their vows, in Gretna Green (they are from Scotland), it was just them two, the minister and the local tourist shop owner and the hotel owner attended as witnesses.

    They had the time of their lives, they booked the hotel for the week, had the ceremony at the begining and spent a mini- honeymoon in the area they love.

    Perhaps, a handful of very close friends at the local church or, the church they got married in, imediate family and dinner at a lovely hotel after would be a wonderful way to renew the vows.

    If it were me, I wouldnt do the big dress thing. A nice dress or suit, a small posy to carry and some nice words for the vows remembering all the things that make the marriage work.

    Hope these ideas help.

  • Hi

    How exciting you're wedding and then your Mums vow renewal.

    I am having my vow renewal this year on 29th Oct I have been married 19yr and I am 40yrs .This time round it will be a smaller affair with only 40 guest comprising of family and very close friends. We are having it in a city Hotel and we are spending the night before and night of the wedding at the hotel. For us the most important thing has been the venue and the food and making sure that everyone enjoys the day. We want this to be all about family and celebrate our family .I am also having a naming ceremony for my little girl at the same time. I am wearing a short dress similar to a 50s style which complements the venue .We are going a bit retro but I am still having a small posy button holes for my hubby and 2 sons and my little girl has a flower girl style dress! .Ask you mum what is the one thing she would really like and see what she says. For me it I knew I wanted a sand ceremony .I saw one once on holiday at wedding renewal and fell in love with the idea .My 3 kids will do this as part of the ceremony and I get to keep it after and I already know where it will take pride of place in my home! Our vows are basically the same as before but recognising the past and looking forward to our journey into the future together. We are keeping our wedding rings but we are having matching rings to wear on our opposite hands.

    Whatever your Mum chooses you will have fabulous time celebrating it with your Mum and family.

    Good luck with all the planning.

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