Just read that trains are not appropriate for second timers - have I made a big error?

Hello everyone, I hvae just ordered my dress and have now read on a couple of etiquette sites that although a long white/ivory dress is acceptable at second weddings a dress with a train really is not. Should I be worried? My mum made me cut off the train of my first dress saying it was 'showy' - that was 27 years ago.

What is your honest opinion please?


  • louise0309louise0309 Posts: 212

    I honestly think that it is your wedding day you you should wear what you want. If you feel beautiful in it, then wear it. My mam got married for the second time over 10 year ago now and she wore a big wedding dress with a train and looked lovely!

    You will look lovely x
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I echo louise0309!!!!

    Nowadays theses 'traditions' are not so rigidly stuck to and you can do what you like image

    I say go for it! image
  • If you look hard enough you will always find something or someone telling you you are doing it wrong! Its your day and its your dress, if you wanted to wear a string bikini and pole dance your way up the aisle it would be totally up to you! I have a small train on my dress and its second time around and I really dont care what the 'rules' say! Enjoy your day and be excited about your dress no matter what!
  • Honest opinion - you have to do want you want to do or you will regret it.

    It's your day! image
  • As the others have said, it's up to you. There are a lot of 'traditions' that don't count nowadays. it's second time for me too, and my dress has a small train - I would've had longer but worry I will trip image

    Go with what you want and enjoy every minute!
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    Thanks everyone - well, yes I would normally tell people to go for what they want and feel happy in .... just concerned I was going to draw gasps of horror because of the train! The dress isn't fussy or ornate in any way - I chose the dress because I think it suited me and did't mind whether there was a train or not.

    You are right - as usual, it is my day and I think my fiance will be thrilled with it.

    thanks for the advice
  • Stuff what everyone else thinks, and just look beautiful! I personally am disappointed NOT to see a train!
  • MrsSaranneMrsSaranne Posts: 448
    I agree with Happy Hippy, plus it is going to be your first sucessful marriage!! image

    Have fun and stuff the fuddy duddies.

    Edit to add - first and only! Sucessful marriage.

    Aaggh - you know what I mean!! Good luck x
  • I think a train finishes the dress and looks really elegant - go for it!
  • Go for it. Do what makes you happy. image
  • My second time...but first successful marriage on saturday image My dress has a train.....the only thing I'm worried about is that I will manage to trip up over it. If you've seen Mr Poppers penquins I am Nimrod image
  • wedding no.3 for me and i have gone for maggie sottero "melissa brooch" its got a lovely train on it and i have crystal veil and tiara too as i never had one the other 2 weddings(married young 1st one, widdowed 2nd time) im old enough to know what i want and im having it!if people will be making snide comments about you then they dont deserve to be there and not a friend as you thought image I say do all of it your dream way cos hopefully it wont happen again image dont worry be happyimage
  • Its my second time, and i'm going the full monty! huge train, full length veil! its your special day, do what YOU want xxx
  • thank you for all your positive replies and I am delighted a relieved to see that I won't be the only one with a train! I am so pleased to have found a dress that suits me and that I feel happy in. I feel I am being a bit 'wild' as the dress is ivory and has a train and I will be 50 when we marry ..... but I didnt have the dress of my dreams the first time, or the marriage either, so this time I want to feel good. And bridal. thanks for your encouragement!
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    My mum keeps telling people I'm not having a train or a veil because it;s a civil wedding. That's not the reason at all - it's just I don't want them! Stick tradition - do what you want image
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