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Follow heart or head?

Hi all,

I have been married before, currently going through divorce. I was with my ex for 7 years only married for 10 months before I left. It was a case of always knowing it was wrong, but kinda not knowing any different so thought it was how it should be, if that makes sense.

Anyway I am with my amazing man who I have known for 1.5 years but been together for 6 months,living together for that too!

My question is, is it ok to get engaged so soon?

We love each other loads and are completly commited to each other, even have a puppy! Its been a whirlwind, but its been a case of when you know you know. Which I thought was rubbish to feel before we got together!

We have spoken about getting engaged and married and its something we both really want to do! Its also very important to us and I really want to have a happy sucessful marriage. We also want kid in near future too.

Is it acceptable to get engaged so soon? People didn't react so well to me leaving my ex and my brothers have disowned me now.

but i'm in two minds, If we know it feels right then why should I care what anyone else thinks, right?

I just hate that others judge just because I made the mistake of marrying the 1st time!

Sorry for the ramble.x


  • only you can decide, what you're really asking is 'is it ok if i piss everyone else off more?' and the answer is: depends on what they mean to you. will it make a difference with your brothers if you give them some time, make an effort to build bridges and try and get them involved with your new man? if not then it really doesn't matter if you get engaged, if you feel it would make a difference then give it some time, if your love is true he'll still be there in a few months
  • Hello Happy After,

    I was with my Ex for 5years left him after 5months of marriage as i did it for all the wrong reasons and was the happiest i had been for years when i walked out. My divorce finalised last month.

    9months after leaving my ex i met my H2b on night out and 2years later he asked me to marry him. We've only lived together 8months but i never had any of the feelings i have now 1st time round! I'm really excited and wish it was him i'd married 3and half years ago!

    If it feels right go fo it! Dont worry about others make yourself happy image xx
  • kye83kye83 Posts: 582
    Hey, I am so sorry that you had to go through a divorce to find the one you truly love and I'm really pleased you found someone who makes you happy. However, personally I think a six month relationship isnt enough on which to build a new future especially given your past experience.

    Of course it is a personal decision and only you know what is truly the right thing to do. I have been with my OH for many years now and being honest I would like to have been married sooner, however waiting hasn't created any major problems for us. Maybe taking your time and showing your family just how important and integral to your life your new man is might be better.

    I wish you lots of happiness either way. X
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