2008 Brides for Jesmond Dene House

Getting married at JDH next summer.

Just wanted to know if there are any other JDH brides out there and how they are getting on?

Finding it very expensive. JDH are charging £1850 (£1500 for Great Hall & £350 for garden hire) before anyone has a bite to eat or drink. The Great Hall was £750 last year

The Apartment Suite has now gone up to £375 per night from £275.

I know prices increase every year, but this seems ridiculously high now.

Think I just need reassurance as i still do love the place.:\?


  • kel191kel191 Posts: 433
    Hi Happilyeverafter,

    I was a JDH 2007 bride. I got married in June.

    We booked in June 2006 and even in the year leading to the wedding, the prices went up. I had the same feeling, could we actually afford the place. We got married there, then had both the wedding breakfast and evening reception there too.

    To be honest we did go over our estimations not that we really had a budget but it was well worth it. We made cut backs where possible ie got champagne from else where and paid corkage since the wedding everyone was asking us where we got the champagne from as they loved it, favours and a few other things.

    When are you getting married?


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