Favours coming out of my ears

Why so many kinds its driving me mad. I so I'm making my own. I used to make sugar flowers so have found someone who sells special sweetpea seeds in little packets called White wedding. Perfect and i will make sweetpeas and some delicate filler flowers and fix it on with ribbon. What do you think of that idea, just to be different than sugar almonds. Any other ideas would be helpful or comments if this sounds rubbish.



  • It sounds lovely Jinty ..... H2b and I have decided not to have favours though as we have decided to use the money for it elsewhwhere in our budget.

    Itis certainly a different idea and I think it will be well remembered afterwards too. Well done !
  • leitia80leitia80 Posts: 375
    me and my mum are going to cookies with peoples initials on them as favours its cheap and my mum makes the best cookies in the world i will have to check for people with allergies and so on but apart from that it should all go well

    and i love the idea of sugar flowers its so nice to see something different like you said so many people go for almonds
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