2nd time around, older bride wanting to look 'bridal' but not mother of the bride! Aware of possibly looking like mutton dressed as lamb worry, worry, worry, have round a romantica dress just in shops which is on a grecian theme no sparklies and quite elegant so hoping will be satisfactory. Not too sure about wedding flowers now.............thought this was supposed to be fun !



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    whats your dress called? - I love the grecian theme gowns, very sophisticated... small hand tied posy of roses in a single colour always looks good, or a few long stemmed lillies? where are you based? - any good shops?
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    charisma do wot u want to do. its ur day and do not worry about wot others think. plenty of secound time round older brides wear wedding dresses, do wot is rite 4 u and enjoy!!
  • definitely have what you want...there are lovely 'informal' gowns if you are trying for the mid way point! is on the grecian theme

    and this is elegant you could have it in ivory or gold or go for a colour..

    or what about a bridesmaids dress in bridal colour? love the back of this one.

    but definitely have what you want its your day...
  • Hi, I spent a couple of months with the same worry. Older bride, young excited heart! who wants to look special on my wedding day.

    I have decided on a deep midnight blue ball gown, no train or veil, but made it more bridal by accessorising with ivory fur wrap, elbow length ivory gloves, a pearl tiara, and pearl jewelery, and having an ivory posy of silk roses with pearl middles. I feel really happy with this although i have had moments of wondering how it will look on the day!!

    My young adult sons think it looks great and my youngest who is escourting me down the aisle said he will be very proud, so as they are normally quite brutally honest i feel fairly happy with my choice.

    Its great now all the big things are decided, i can now happily play with all the little bits - I'm loving it.
  • Lindag2bb - you made me well up reading what your son said!

    Originally I was going to go for a shortish cocktail dress but I'm now going for the complete bridal outfit - ivory dress with sparkly bolero, tiara and bouquet. Unsure of veil yet - it may be too much with the bolero. I'm 48 but I'm still going to be a bride and if people don't like it then it's too bad. I discussed it with my lovely h2b and he said he wants me to wear a proper wedding dress - so I am!

  • Hi amandabm,

    when is your wedding -

    My lovely h2b proposed on my 50th birthday in sep (big surprise as we have been living together for a few years now and there had't even been any hints about marriage! we are getting married on march 15th 2008.

    I think your wedding outfit sounds just lovely, I think us older brides know what suits us and know that we deserve the kind of day we want - there isnt as much pressure on us to please others as much as there is on younger brides. and we have lots of experience to fall back on when making decisions. I just want to enjoy and savour every moment of the planning and the day.
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