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Hi all...

Was wondering if anyone had any advice on where to get a nice bridemaid dress from! I am having my best friend who is 29 and a 6 year would like nice pink dresses, haven't decided long or short yet, but would love them to have some detail on the back, after all, that is what most guests will see through the ceremony!

Thanks for all the help!


  • I've ordered mine from the states (worked out at £90 including shipping, compared to £239 in the shop). Its by Bari Jay ( Its definitely worth looking around and if you decide on an American designer, definitely look at ordering from the states and shipping over. I have a good website if you decide to go this way. When are you getting married?
  • Great, thanks for that. May have a look next week as I am actually going to Las Vegas, so maybe they will have some ideas there for me! Though not sure on their measurements as yet. Did you have to have the dresses altered etc?

    Getting married Aug 11th next year - and you?
  • We're getting married on May 19th 2007.

    I'll need to get them altered when they arrive (BM's are 5'2" and 5'4") as they will need to be shortened. We had fun taking the measurements to work out what sizes to get though image

    They should arrive in Feb (takes 16 - 20 weeks) so have 2.5 months to alter them which should be long enough.

    Also look at Dessy, Alfred Sung & Mori Lee.

    Let me know how you get on image Do you know what you colour scheme is yet? I'm having Brown, Pink and Ivory so I have got the girls chocolate brown dresses.
  • Just been looking at the site and the dresses are lovely, a few I really like and just what I wanted so thanks for the link. Colour scheme - Pink and champagne colour.
  • you can email them for Stockists in the UK. I actually got mine from

    There are a load more designers on there so that may also be worth a look. good luck in your search image
  • Hi Hannah & Ally

    I am now having a few bridesmaids: 3 older bridesmaids, 1 teenager, 1 Page Boy & a 2year old flower girl (dont ask how the list got this long!!! Hee Hee!)

    But dreading the expense & have also looked on House of Brides & also Bridesave website (both american) but I am unsure of the risks with regards to shipping & customs charges, for 4 bridesmaid dresses do you think I am looking at a huge cost? Certainly much cheaper & seems the way to go especially for the quality. Was the dress you bought exactly as described Ally? Thanks advance for your help on this.


  • There is a Bari Jay stockist 15 mins from my house so I took my BM's there to try on the dress. It looked so beautiful!!! (Style 962 in chocolate brown)

    I am only paying 1 shipping cost as they are both being delivered to the same address ($54). If I have to pay customs, it will still be cheaper than buying the dress through the shop as they have to order it from the states anyway!

    A friend of mine got her wedding dress from House of Brides and it was beautiful - she just needed to get it altered.

    My flower girls (3) and paige boys (3) are going to have outfits from BHS/Debenhams/Next

    Hope this helps. Let me know how you get on image
  • belindaxxxbelindaxxx Posts: 2,277
    This might give you more of an idea of what style you want.

    Theyre all beautiful

  • Hi Belinda Dont they all look lovely! Ive got loads of bridesmaids and was a bit worried that it would be over the top but they are all special to me and wanted to include them in my big day! Now Im thrilled as the photos on this website look terrific. Laurax
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    Hi allyfaye

    Im trying to find a Bari Jay stockist in England. Could you please tell me where you got your bridesmaids dresses from (the stockist)?

    I like 996 for my bridemaids but this has been a pain 2 find.

    Thanks Alishax
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