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25 of mariage. any one renewing wedding vows

Is any one renewing wedding vows, We are planing for next year, My husband wants it to be special, as whenwe got maried he wanted better, we were you and new we were the right for each other, been through some tough times, just like a roller coaster. we want this one to be special, wear a long dress, ivory, have a gathering of friends, but un disided who to stand with us and renew our vows.


  • tb10tb10 Posts: 126
    Welcome honie!!!

    Another renewing their wedding vows.....not sure if you have been reading my messages to Sarah vise versa on this forum, but welcome. You can join in anytime.

    25 years, congragulations! Mine will be 10 years and Sarah's 5.
  • sarlogasarloga Posts: 101
    Hello, hun

    Congrats on renewing your wedding vows, as trudi said your more than welcome to join our chat lol the more the merrier.
  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    hi i am re newing vows in sept 2010 will be 18 years also hubbys 40th birthday party

    similar to you honie very tight budget first time round(about £200)

    where everyone renewing vows and when?
  • sarlogasarloga Posts: 101
    I'm renewing mine 19th September 2009, we are renewing our in our local church as we got married in a register office, we had a cheap wedding first time round we didn't have an after party or even anything after the wedding or a honeymoon we just went home lol. So this time we are doing everything and its extra special because our little boy will be there this time. What about you guys? What are your plans?
  • shopaholicukshopaholicuk Posts: 1,478
    we re new vowes on 18th september 2010


    all our 5 children will be there having a big celebration this time around

    the registry office we first got married in has been knocked down as has the pub we had reception in

    i have been married 16 years tommorrow
  • Hi im Diane and im renweing my wedding vows to celbrate our 25th wedding anniversary on the 25th july 2009 id love to join in on your chats and find out how you are all getting along. XXX Di image
  • hi !!

    we got married two years ago , things didnt quiet go according to plan, so we are going away next year on our own to renew our vows on a beach somewhere...where we dont have to please any one but ourselves... and i am going to get the dress i had my heart on before anyone else had input! but the difference this time is my hubby is organising everything all i have to do is show up in a dress! i couldnt be happier!;\);\);\)

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  • hi sarah how do i actually get my messages. havent got a clue lol
  • :\?Having chatted about it with Mrs Dan & friends over drinks in the past I am planning to 'pop the question' again on Christams day just over 20yrs since we married. I have an engagement ring more fitting to our financial position now and more than the 'chip' of glass in the original one (albeit special)....was going to wrap it up for Christmas...

    I have spoken to our local canon, & provisionally booked to 'do the deed' on the 14th February 09........all hush hush and Mrs Dan knows nothing at all! I'm only looking to have a handful of very close friends and immediate family (including Son & Daughter 9 & 13 who are the only people other than the cannon that know about this)

    I had intended to arrange everything before Christmas and have invites sent etc.....but.....well, I kind of think Mrs Dan would like to do all that.......what do you think people?

    I feel a bit stcuk now...and any help, tips or direction at this late hour would be apreciated....I am a sort of bloke who would wear Black and Navy if not dressed sensibly in the mornings...thus the need for assistance!!


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  • Hi

    Hope that you don't mind if I join in.

    I am renewing my vows on Friday 10th July 2009, we will have been married for 10 years and after getting married with 6 weeks notice, after a family feud! It was a very small affair and this time we have decided to go the whole way with it!

    Alread got the dress an Ian Stuart design, having a veil and tiara just trying to get hb to buy me some Jimmy Choos!

    Our children are going to involved which is going to make the day all the more special.

    I really can't wait, we have beeen planning this for over 2 years now and I can't believe that it less than 6 months away now, I am sure excited.

    I spent the weekend making the invitations, I really brought it all home to me, I know that our day is going to be really special and I think that both me and hb will be crying before the day is over, it something that we have both wanted for such a long time now


  • Hi

    Me too! We are renewing our vows on the 18/7/09 celebrating 10years!

    We are returning to where we got married, even managed to get the very same registrar ( we were her very first wedding too!)

    Can i ask what is everyone wearing??????????

    I seem to have been met woth lack of enthusiasm - me and my hubby feel this is incredibly special - but not many people get it. i'm not sure what to wear - i have seen the most stunning dress by suzanne neville - manhattan - thinking of champagne or very pale pink, or maybe having one made - time is running out.

    Everything eles is booked - our plan

    we are holding our do in the late afternnoon/evening as a black tie do and evening gowns

    meeting at 5pm for welcome drinks, ceromony at 5.30 / 5.45

    followed by photographer and champagne reception with hand dipped stawberries. In to candleit private dining at 7.00 / 7.30 and a michael buble / rat pack singer till late. This is an intimate celebration with just 40 of our closest family and very special friends.

    What are your plans?



  • tb10tb10 Posts: 126
    Nice to see some renewal of wedding vows after 10 years. My hubby and I are doing the same, 10 years also. We have ours booked 22nd May 2010, We got married in Ambleside and held our receoption at a hotel in Windermere. So this time we are holding the ceremony in the same hotel and going all out for a fantastic celerbration. Our wedding was quite small and we missed out on a few things, due to costs etc but this time, were pushing the boat out. I have already ordered my dress from a bridal shop and I'm having 2 bridesmaids. We never had a evening reception when we got married so this time were having a disco etc and a wedding breakfast during the day. Up to now we have 90 guests on our list, but it changes daily!! We have two sons now who will be involved in the service and I'm hoping to have the priest who married us do a reading.

    All our friends have been really excited about it and been very positive as its their first renewal.
  • de88iede88ie Posts: 37
    hi, all just so excited only 9 days away from renewing our vows after 23yrs of marriage. Having all the works this time round (reg office, no money and no planning in 1986 etc). going to include grandchildren in ceremony also. Booked a popular hotel and bishop to perform ceremoy (he recently married Jade Goody) Will be wearing designer dress with all accesories men are in kilts, spending night in h/m suite and going to egypt for a week so really pushing the boat out this time. Still totally in love after all these years. x we owe it to ourselves.
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