WANTED - Battery operate fairy lights

Help - We are having our reception in a marquee and i'm looking for some battery operated fairy lights. I have some indoor shrubs and want to put the lights in them for the evening.

Does anyone have some they want to sell? (prob looking for approx 6 but will take anything that's available).




  • Try Amazon they have some cheap battery operated fairy lights
  • L0Z83L0Z83 Posts: 21

    Have you tried wilkinsons? They had some in over christmas and I think they were only about £2 a set.

    They may have some on the website if not in store anymore.
  • I got mine at Lights4fun.co.uk (or .com - can't remember) think I paid about £20 for 6 lots
  • GMR2BGMR2B Posts: 73
    Thanks girls - will look on the net

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